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» Frame Material:

» Finished Size:

» Opening Size(s):

» Position Sizes: T: 2.00 B: 2.00 L: 2.00 R: 2.00

» Top Mat Color:

» Bottom Mat Color:

» Bottom Mat Size: 0.25

» Glass:

» Hardware:

» Frame Width:

» Frame Height:

» Frame Rabbit:

» Frame Lip:

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Size :   10x23 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

... which seems thinner than the illustration indicates but looks good. The corners fit well

About the product:

This is a well-made frame with plexiglas window which seems thinner than the illustration indicates but looks good . The corners fit well. MDF is medium density fiberboard. This product makes a smooth grain-free surface but I would suggest drilling holes for the mounting hardware screws because it is very hard. As mentioned by others the packaging is exceptional;ArtToFrames 10x23 inch Satin White Frame Picture Frame, 2WOMFRBW26074-10x23 the frame is attached to a cardboard protective frame which slides securely into a large heavy-duty box.

Size :   16x26 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

Does not come with hangar on back

About the product:

I had a poster that needed a 16”x26” frame, ideally in white. I couldn’t find it in any of the local stores without creating an expensive custom order, so I turned to Amazon. This product completely met my expectations, and for a such a reasonable price! I had read reviews beforehand and knew there was no hook on the back of the picture frame, so that wasn’t a big deal to me. I don’t normally like putting holes in my walls, so I used a few 3M wall hanging strips on the back and it sticks to the wall perfectly. I would recommend!

Size :   19x19 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

Plastic is s deterrent to displaying artwork appropriately

About the product:

It's pretty sad that I didn't think ahead. The plastic in front of the artwork displays a glare with my overhead and kitchen lights; this frame is a bad choice for artwork. I can't see the art because of glare on plastic. I do like the crisp white wood part of the frame: it is pretty sharp. But for displaying art, this frame is a bad choice: go with glass. Weird because my other Art to Frames frame (sorry for that redundancy) has glass, and I love it.

Size :   22x30 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

great value and looks awesome

About the product:

I was impressed with the packaging. It was awesome. The hardware was easily applied. The painting looks awesome. It fit perfectly. My only desire would be to have glass instead of plexiglass. However, I can always get that cut locally.

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