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The Wallpaper Guide For Renters

Published Date : 15th Jul 2022

When you're a renter, a lot of design decisions are based on how long you intend to stay in your particular space and how much you want to invest in an apartment/house that's only temporary.  And recently, as more and more designers release their collections of striking wallpaper, this has been made even more difficult. When you rent a space, its hard to justify design decisions like wallpapering when such a project not only costs a lot, but isn't something that you can easily take with you to your next home.


Custom Bulletin Boards for Your Little Picassos

Published Date : 15th Jul 2022

With all of the art projects and finger paintings that come home from school with the little ones on a daily basis, it can add up quickly and become a pain to keep in one place - especially a place where they won't get destroyed.  Enter PinPix. 


His and Hers Calendar Pin Boards

Published Date : 8th Jun 2022

Gallery Walls 101

6 Large Gallery Walls that Take Style to New Heights

Published Date : 8th Jun 2022

Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide: For the Music Lover

Published Date : 8th Jun 2022

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Best of: Nursery Gallery Walls 2022

Published Date : 25th May 2022


Free Art Friday: The Rustic Kitchen Collection

Published Date : 23rd May 2022

Best Of

Best of: Stairway Gallery Walls

Published Date : 16th May 2022

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