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» Bottom Mat Size: 0.25

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Overall Ratings

4.7 Excellent

Based on 3 reviews

What Our Customers Say: Published 1 Year ago

As advertised



About the product:

I love the frame, but it took me a long time to order it. I waited for it to be on sale, and I had a coupon, and it was still rather pricey for what it was. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful and I am glad I ordered it, but I have about 10 more pieces that need framing, and I will be going with more inexpensive options. I love your frames and I wish I could order more.

Small crack

About the product:

Hey, I'm not expecting anything. Mostly because I have no intention of boxing this thing up and shipping it back again, but there is a small half inch crack towards the edge of the plastic front piece. I don't know if it started out that way, or if it happened in transit somehow, but it was a little disappointing to discover after waiting a week for it to arrive (I realize a week isn't actually that long, but we're living in an age with Prime free two day shipping. A week seems like forever now.) Still, as a whole, I'm generally pleased with how my item turned out.

Size :   24x33 "   |   Color: Blue    |   Frame Code: SM-ECO150-TEA

10 seconds to decide to return

About the product:

The frame is cheap looking for the cost, I could have easily constructed this with half the cost. I purchased it thinking it would be better quality materials. When hanging my poster behind the plastic sheet, it looked absolutely terrible. Rotten luck.



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