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Published Date : 14th Jun 2023

You spend so much time creating the perfect balance of light and contrast and choosing the right filter for each image you post on Instagram. And then? A day or two go by and your photos are shuffled into a huge archive of photos on your phone where they will barely be seen again. That's a lot of work for each photo to have just a brief moment in the spotlight. This year I'm making it my summer project to get my favorite Instagram photos out of this dusty, digital archive and in my home where I can show them off every day. Here are 5 creative ways to get your perfect Instagram photos off your phone and onto your walls! 

Create a Rainbow Wall! 
Be bold and add a burst of bright color! There are over 400 frames to choose from so it's easy to create a bright and colorful statement in any room!

rb 2

To create this look select photos that have a single dominant color and choose a frame to match!

rb 3

Want to put together an epic rainbow gallery wall in your home? Visit the frame shop and start selecting the perfect colors to match your photos!

Acrylic Gallery Wall 
Acrylic is really a unique way to show off your photos. It removes the frame altogether so the photo can speak for itself. Without frames, acrylic gallery walls are clean and seamless. It's also the best way to print in the most saturated color. Even the most vivid photographs can lose their luster when printed on paper. On acrylic, however, they maintain their original brilliance.

acry insta

acryl for insta 2

Ready to print?  Head to the acrylic print shop and get started!

Desk/Tabletop Acrylic Stands 
If you have just one or two Instagram photos to print and aren't ready to go for a full gallery wall, acrylic also comes with the option for a tabletop display! A photo on the side table or desk is a simple yet striking way to display your Instagram skills.

desktop acryl for insta

dt acryl for insta 2

Ready to print for the tabletop? Head to the acrylic print shop and be sure to select the table stand option!

Collage Frames 
Collage frames are a great way to keep your collection together in a single, clean display that's easier to move from room to room than an entire gallery wall. Collage frames can hold dozens of photos so you can display entire collections in a single frame! Plus, you can choose any frame to match your decor for a seamless look for any room in the house. Here are some of my favorite looks in a variety of styles! Keep it simple in black and white!

collage for insta 1

Use a neutral frame that goes with everything!

collage for insta 2
collage for insta 3

Keep it white and let your photos speak for themselves!

Ready to design your own collage frame? Visit the frame shop and start curating the perfect Instagram photo collection in a single frame that works with your space!

Print on Canvas 
Canvas is a unique, artistic way to display your photos so they literally pop off the wall! They can add texture to your photos and dimension to your gallery wall. Canvas prints are a fantastic way to add to an existing gallery wall for a unique touch that incorporates a 3-D effect.

Ready to print your fabulous photos on canvas?  Visit the canvas shop and upload directly from Instagram!



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