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What Our Customers Say: Published 1 Year ago

Attractive and functional




  • Great quality for the price!!!

  • Fabulous and Reasonable

  • Finally a frame that works!!

  • Came in exactly as described

  • Looks like a custom frame without the expensive price.

  • High quality frames for a reasonable price

  • Needs a drill for hanging

  • Frame looks great. Has nice tight joints to the frame

  • Extraordinary value

  • Satisfied!

  • They turned out great. The frame is fiberboard (mdf)

  • Great frames for uncommon sizes!

  • My go to for custom size frames!

  • Nice poster frame for hard to find size

  • great value and looks awesome

  • Fantastic frames & even better customer service!

  • Alternative? Hundreds for custom framing...

  • Decent customizable frame

  • Nice frame, fabulous packaging

  • Perfect and economical custom frame

  • Great buy!

  • The price was right!

  • Great frames

  • Perfect for my needs.

  • Faulty corners.. poor craftsmenship!

  • Great customer service!

  • Simple Frame at Good Price

  • A great company for hard to find frame sizes

  • Beautiful Frame!

  • Sturdy, doesn’t look cheap.

  • Worth it!

  • Great item for a great price

  • Good quality for this price

  • Amazing for the price

  • Really great quality & looks great

  • Slick look

  • I was pleasantly surprised by the how nice and high quality the frame is

  • Exactly what I was looking for

  • Perfect frame!

  • Great frame

  • Three Stars

  • Inexpensive and classy

  • frame looks ok, border was a bit thinner then ...

  • Very nice frame

  • True to custom size and a sleek design

  • Awesome product! I knew it was going to be ...

  • High quality, good looking frames

  • Excellent value!

  • Great packaging.

  • Quality and Price

  • As described, but damaged in transit

  • Nice frame for price. Good quality.

  • Beautiful, great alternative to custom frames

  • Great price, good quality!

  • Great Purchase!

  • Not bad at all.

  • Very happy

  • Fabulous

  • The quality and looks are 5 star!!

  • Sturdy frame that looks great

  • Okay for the price...

  • Great Frame!

  • Affordable custom frame

  • Finally found a frame

  • Beautifully done custom frame

  • Okay quality

  • Love their frames for the hard to find sizes

  • Frame shop quality

  • Perfect size, great quality

  • This frame didn't leave us hanging

  • Does The Job!

  • Great frame

  • Great frame

  • Great Frame for your Treasured Art

  • You need a drill to install hardware

  • Reasonably priced, attractive frame!

  • #ArtToFrames Will Be My Go To For Custom Frames

  • Excellent. I bought gold frame for like 12 bucks ...

  • Great frames at a great price!

  • Great Buy

  • Perfect!

  • Great custom frames!

  • Just what I wanted!

  • Lightweight but sturdy

  • Quality frame for the price!

  • Beautiful Frame!

  • Love it!

  • Excellent value

  • Loved it!

  • Great frame made by people who care.

  • Great value for the price

  • Best product for posters

  • Fit Great, Looks Nice, but Pricy

  • Great Quality, As pictured!

  • So great that I bought 8!

  • Good quality

  • It’s Just Okay for Me

  • Simple, Good Frame

  • Great quality frame at a good price

  • Great Frames

  • Happy customer for quality and looks

  • Well made. Well packaged. Well received.

  • Great for the price and wonderful frame!

  • Amazing! - Nice product, Incredible Value, even shipping materials well done.

  • Good frame for money!

  • Excellent

  • Natural Looking, Durable quality

  • Great frame

  • Quality, Convenience and Price

  • Just what i wanted

  • Quality Frame

  • Great Packaging! Great Value!

  • Great product!

  • Great Quality for the Price

  • Very Nice frames

  • Perfection!

  • Loving Frame

  • Unwrap the paper wrapped pane!

  • Well packaged, solid frame.

  • Good value for price

  • Great Value

  • Needs polishing but overall a good product

  • Well packaged!

Size :   22x22 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

Great buy!

About the product:

I got this frame because it is very hard to find a square frame for a puzzle. I was able to pick my size which was great. My puzzle is 21x21 so I decided to get the 22x22 frame as I like a little extra space around the puzzle. It fit perfectly! The frame comes with wire hanger or a standard single frame hanger that you have to assemble yourself. I opted to use the wire hanger as the puzzle makes the frame heavier. I am very pleased with this product and think my friend will love it!
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Size :   17x26 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Perfect and economical custom frame

About the product:

My local frame shop wanted well over $100 to frame this poster that I bought for my son who rented his first place when he returned from deployment last month. ArtToFrames had the exact size for less than half of their price. I love it. Also, it arrived 3 days before the earliest estimated date of arrival. Thanks so much!


About the product:

These frames are sturdy and quality-crafted. Attaching the hook took a little work. The frames were well-packaged and arrived in a timely manner. The color of the frames match what you see online. I'll post a photo of the frames containing these 4 prints: Bird Set (Four Prints) by Kate McRostie 12"x12" Art Print Poster. You won't be dissatisfied by the quality of these frames!
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About the product:

I bought the frame together with the cream 16x16 matting to showcase my new cross stitch project. I received the package today and was so impressed on how well the merchant packaged the item. Prior to purchasing, I was afraid that the item might arrive damaged due to handling while in transit but I was too lazy to go to a framing store to get my project framed so I took the chance. I am glad that I did! They packaged the item so well that there's no way that it can be damaged in transit, the frame was so protected. The frame itself is of excellent quality too and it looks expensive. I am very happy with this purchase and would be happy to purchase again from this merchant in the near future.
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Good price

About the product:

For the price, I don't know how you could do better. I can't give this a 5 star review simply because it's not really a spectacular top-quality frame, but it is very attractive and reasonably well made. Better made than you'd think for a frame of this size at this price. That said, the cardboard backing is a bit flimsy and the bendy metal tabs that hold everything in place (from the back-side) are unevenly distributed around the perimeter of the picture window; consequently, I've got some bowing of the magnetic sheet-metal that I put in the frame (using the frame as a magnet board). This was pretty easily fixed by wedging some folded up paper between the cardboard backing and the frame. The plexiglass that comes with this size is great for shipping and is lightweight, but it seems a bit flimsy. I'm not using the plexiglass right now (have it between the magnet board and the cardboard for the time being), but I just thought I'd mention that in case it might matter to someone. It does come with a protective coating on it, so that's nice. Won't be scratched up before you use it. Basically, this seems like a great frame for the price.
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Size :   6x18 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Nice frame, fabulous packaging

About the product:

I usually buy my frames at local frame stores, but I knew that I wanted a simple frame in an odd size -- 6"x18" -- and couldn't find anything like it in the stores I frequent. This frame was PERFECT, exactly what I wanted. Reasonable price, well made, and the best shipping packaging I've ever seen! I was very happy with my purchase.

Size :   24x28 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Great quality for the price!!!

About the product:

I definitely was a little nervous ordering these but I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised. The shipping was quick and they arrived very securely packaged. But most important The quality of these frames really is great for the price. Yes they do have cardboard backing but that isn’t a downfall, nor is the plexiglass! I cannot say for sure if smaller sizes come with real glass, but if you are ordering a larger size (I ordered 24x28) in this product just know the plexiglass does not take away from the look and feel of these. So so happy I took a chance. I would definitely order more frames from this company.
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Size :   18x31 "   |   Color: Grey    |   Frame Code: 0066-76808-YSLV

Decent customizable frame

About the product:

The frame is nice for the price. It arrived in 10 days and came packaged very well. I used this for some home made abstract art and it looks good. I haven’t attached the wire to hang it yet but it doesn’t seem that it will be difficult to do. Overall a good purchase for a customized frame.

Size :   23x32 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Alternative? Hundreds for custom framing...

About the product:

The frame itself is well put together (i.e. clean cut thick particle board, nailed and glued properly). Good packaging. Plexi-glass with cardboard backing as described. Hanging wire, screws, nail and anchor hook included which was an unexpected nice touch. Only thing I can ding this for is that the black paint was either thinly sprayed or vinyl like material and is easily scuffed/peeled. Be mindful of the edges when handling. As expected for value purchase. Therefore 5stars overall. Alternative? Hundreds for custom framing...
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Size :   23x35 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Lightweight but sturdy

About the product:

This frame was perfect for what I needed to hang (a poster) and it's been going strong for a few months now. No complaints!

Size :   15x15 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Just what I wanted!

About the product:

Very sturdy, well made. Nice finish and accessories to hang

Size :   17x20 "   |   Color: Natural    |   Frame Code: 76808-973

Fantastic frames & even better customer service!

About the product:

ArtToFrames has excellent customer service! I had an issue in which my package was delivered to the incorrect place (next to a dumpster) and then disposed of. I communicated with ArtToFrames about this issue. They were prompt, helpful, and shipped me a new frame right away. The best part is, this frame is lovely! It is exactly what I was looking for and was easy to assemble the way that I needed to. I would recommend ArtToFrames to anyone looking for a custom, low price, high quality frame. I even ordered more!
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Size :   20x34 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

Great custom frames!

About the product:

#ArtToFrames custom frames work great for our local art pieces that come in various sizes! They are delivered to our doorstep quickly and we would highly recommend them to other potential customers!

Size :   11x30 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079


About the product:

Art To Frames is my favorite!!! Perfect shipping and perfect product every single time!!! Thank you for keeping my art beautiful ??

Size :   17x25 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Great Buy

About the product:

Couldnt find a frame to fit my odd sized print, then I found this custom made frame for an incredible price. Will buy again for future framing needs.

Size :   7x15 "   |   Color: Black    |   Frame Code: FRBW26079

Great frames at a great price!

About the product:

They are perfect and just what I wanted! Pacakaging was great too!

Size :   16x27 "   |   Color: Gold    |   Frame Code: 0066-76808-YGLD

Excellent. I bought gold frame for like 12 bucks ...

About the product:

Excellent. I bought gold frame for like 12 bucks and it changed the painting look all together. Totally worth the money

Size :   22x30 "   |   Color: White    |   Frame Code: FRBW26074

great value and looks awesome

About the product:

I was impressed with the packaging. It was awesome. The hardware was easily applied. The painting looks awesome. It fit perfectly. My only desire would be to have glass instead of plexiglass. However, I can always get that cut locally.

nice frame; some trouble getting it

About the product:

The frame itself is nice. It is a simple black frame. I do not like that the hanger comes detached because I do not trust myself to get it centered correctly. Still I got it figured out and the frame looks perfect where I have it. I did not receive the correct item the first time I ordered it. The seller was quick to allow an exchange and even sent the replacement item out for next day delivery. That was actually where the entire problem came in. The first item had been sent UPS for 2-day delivery. It arrived just on time and in great condition. It was packaged well and I had no complaints. (I had to exchange it because the dimensions of the frame were marked wrong on the frame so I was sent the wrong frame.) When the replacement was sent it was sent FedEx so that I would receive it faster. It was packaged the same was as the first one. On FedEx's first attempt to deliver they left a note on my door and did not bother to knock and did not leave the package. The second day I left them a note to leave the package. They did but I think they threw it up the stairs. The box was crushed on two sides. The tape was barely attached at all but it was the original tape. As soon as I picked it up I knew it was broken because it sounded like I had ordered jingle bells instead of a simple picture frame. When I opened the box I could tell that it had been wrapped just as meticulously as the first. However, no plate glass was made to handle being crushed on two ends. I had no reason to exchange the item again because I was not planning on using the glass anyway; the frame is for a painting. I am posting this here so buyers will be aware that this seller does work with their customers and so that the seller and buyer will know not to use FedEx for these types of items.
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Solid value

About the product:

There were cheaper frames available, but this one seemed to be a better value. I took a chance on the fact that it comes with real glass. Previous wood and glass frames I have purchased through Amazon have arrived broken as a result of poor packing, but this frame was expertly packed with snugly secured bubble wrap in a box that seems custom-built for this shipment. The wood is not real; it's an adhesive veneer, but it looks pretty good; the corner joints meet seamlessly, the whole thing feels sturdy; and the glass is suitably thick and not too glossy. If the backing were made of thin wood or particle board rather than standard cardboard, I would say it's near perfect for a frame of its price. Picture frames have the potential to stay around your whole life, and even get passed down. I encourage you frame buyers to get something that will last and look good for at least ten years. This one promises to do so if it is handled with care. I recommend.
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I'm satisfied with the purchase

About the product:

I bought these frames to hold some prints that I picked up in Austin. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase, especially considering the price. The frames were packaged reasonably well. There was no ostensible damage upon arrival. Each frame included a wire hanging set that includes a wire and two small metal tabs to screw into the back of the frame as well as a hook to screw into the wall. The frame itself is made of some sort of chipboard-like material that emulates wood well enough when painted and is backed by a fitted piece of cardboard that is secured by a series of small metal tabs in the back. I will note that the frame does NOT come with a piece of glass. Rather, it ships with a flexible piece of transparent acrylic. The acrylic is not glare proof or glare resistant and reflects a considerable amount of light, however this is excusable given the price. I recommend this frame for anyone that is looking for a cost effective solution.
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A quality frame that is well priced (came with awesome packing)

About the product:

I have been shopping for framed scenic wall posters to decorate my home (which as you know, are quite expensive!). During Christmas time, a bright thought flashed in my mind: "why not I use my own pics, that I have taken, during my vacations using my own SLR?", when I saw the poster printing offers at Sam's club. I attempted one of my hi-resolution scenic pictures and got a 24"x35" poster from Sams Club. Wow... that was my "aa-ha" moment... I couldn't believe that it was my own picture! I made up my mind to print more posters! Then came the challenge of finding the right frames for the various sizes of posters. This is when I discovered Art To Frame on Amazon. We ordered these Classic Mahogany Frames, in different sizes, for the posters that we printed. All the frames got delivered last Friday and it took me no time to my posters into these wonderful frames and hang them in different walls. Top class packing, thanks to the professionals of Art-to-Frame - they know what they are doing. Here are my thoughts & points: (1) Well designed package material, tightly secured frames inside the box. The frames are pretty much "floating" inside the box. There is no way they can be damaged (unless someone stamps on them). All our 5 frames were delivered in excellent shape. (2) The frame material material is well worth it's price. Art-to-Frame has a frame for all your needs. (3) The plexi-glass makes the frames light weighted. In my observation, both "real" glass and plexi-glass have same amount of reflection; however, if you prefer a light weight frame, you should go with plexi-glass. (4) All frames with the needed hardware for hanging them securely on the wall. I would recommend using a cordless drill, with a thin 5/64 drill bit to make the holes, for securing the screws. Be careful and be gentle - excessive power will destroy the frame (as they are light weighted) I am planning to order a few "decorative" type frames from these Art-to-Frame folks. They have a frame for all your budget (be it small or big). Together, Amazon & Art-to-Frame form a super team! Keep up the good work guys! I have attached couple of my framed pictures here for your viewing pleasure.... Cheers!
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I like this frame a lot

About the product:

I like this frame a lot. I was surprised how fast it got to me as well. The frame is fairly sturdy and well made. The packaging it comes in is super larger but protects the glass perfectly from damage. I would buy from this again.

Better than I expected!

About the product:

I'll admit, I was skeptical about buying this after reading through the reviews. I bought this frame to go along with a 20x20 photo mosaic that I ordered for my boyfriend. After reading the reviews here, I decided to take my time browsing through actual stores to see if I could find something just as affordable, but with better quality. I couldn't find ANY frames this size in Michaels or Hobby Lobby so I bit the bullet and bought this frame – I am SO glad that I did. This frame ended up being so much better than I expected! It came packaged VERY nicely, with a protective film on the each side of the Plexi Glass and with cardboard protecting each of the corners. Be sure to remove the film from BOTH sides of the Plexi Glass or else your frame will look scratched. The back of the frame included the pieces to hang it, which actually ended up missing a screw, which was quite annoying. Other than that, it had everything we needed to hang it asap. The frame is really nice. It's thick, slick, and stylish. It doesn't look cheap at all. I am actually shocked by how low-priced it is! My photo fit perfectly in this frame. It does include cardboard to hold you photo/poster in place. It's a frame with metal bendable metal pieces that hold the back on (I'm sure there's a technical term that I can't think of right now). Those little pieces were kinda annoying because bending them too much will cause them to break. Overall, the frame is worth the price! I would definitely buy it again! I only knocked it down to 4 stars because of the bendable pieces on the back and because of the missing screw. I wish my photos did it justice!
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Perfect and NO scratches

About the product:

Bought 8 of the 18x24 Satin Black Picture Frame 1.25" Wide and 100% happy. The size was perfect with no overlap from the frame covering the poster. No scratches or scuffs on the plexiglas or wood! Packaged new with protective coverings on both sides, and very well packed. Will defiantly buy again from ArtToFrames.

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