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Blog published on 25th Dec 2016

5 Pro Tips for Family Photography  

Family photographs; get them right and they're bound to become beautiful snapshots of happy times you l cherish forever. Get them wrong and prepare to have your images immortalized on one of Buzzfeed's uber popular Check-Out-How-These-People-Embarassed-Themselves lists! At , you can create many types of gorgeous photo gifts Personalized Picture Frames , Collage Frames , Acrylic Prints ,and Canvas Wraps are all worthy ways to display your family snaps. Simple, easy, and incredibly affordable. We thought we'd go the extra mile and help you plan your next family photo shoot so you have the best images possible. Read on for our top 5 tips:   1) Location Location Location Perhaps the most crucial element of executing any type of shoot. Heading to the nearest National Park and going on a short hike to somehwere picturesque and secluded might sound like a great idea on paper but you never really know how a location is going to work out until you check it out in person. There may be lighting issues, it may be overcrowded and even a short hike may be a little too long for difficult toddlers! The moral of the story; do all in your power to figure out a location well in advance of the shoot. It may be annoying to drive somewhere twice, however if you end up with incredible photos it'll be worth the trouble. The following image was printed as a gorgeous Canvas Wrap by  

2) Know Your Photographer Photography seems simple (you just point and click, right?) but there is something truly intangible that happens during a staged shoot. Orchestrating multiple subjects to relax in front of the camera in addition to lighting and posing issues is an art unto itself. So it would make sense that your photographer is a close family friend who you all feel comfortable around, right? Maybe. If you have a friend thats a consumate professional thats going to be able to lead the shoot confidently then you're in luck. However, sometimes shoots can be stressful and direct communication between yourself and the photographer is critical, so therefore a professional relationship may be preferable depending on what you're trying to achieve. Either way, make sure you meet the photographer before the shoot day and see a vast selection of his/her past work. Some surprises are fun, getting disappointed with your choice of photographer is not. The�image below was printed as a stunning Acrylic Print  


3) Dress Up But Not Too Much Its a family photo shoot, something you're going to go to the lengths of organizing at most once every couple of years, so it makes sense you make the effort to dress up and look nice. However, be conscious of the type of outfits you go for in relation to the type of shoot you're planning. If you're uncomfortable this is likely to show in the photographs. And the punishment for getting your outfits totally wrong is a lifetime of shame courtesy of Buzzfeed! The following image was printed as a beautiful Personalized Frame by   4) Let Kids Be Kids Some kids are going to be as excited for a formal photo shoot as a trip to the dentist. The urge to get them in line with some forceful words may be very strong, however for the sake of your photos one must have the patience of a saint and refrain from chastising any little troublemakers too harshly! There is only so much professionalism you can expect from someone under 5 and too much energy is better than a tantrum. Cut the little people some slack, bribe them with candy; do what you need to do to keep them happy in front of the camera! The image below was printed as a fantastic Personalized Collage Frame by   5) Expression Is Everything Twofold piece of advice: go for  natural facial expressions and don't sweat the poses as people are more interested in your happy smiling faces than the way you're standing. Keep the atmosphere light and fun; nothing helps more than a photographer who can get the whole family giggling! The following image was printed as a classy Personalized Collage Frame by


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