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5 Rooms That Need a PinPix Bulletin Board

Published Date : 14th Jun 2023


Bulletin boards are typically thought to only help organize office spaces. In my workspace, a large bulletin board has kept me from losing my mind. But I would never dream of hanging one in any area of my house for one main reason. To put it simply...they're UGLY. As much as I might need a place to organize my bills, folders of magazine clippings, or stacks of recipes, I never considered hanging a bulletin board in my home. Enter PinPix. Finally - there is an attractive and stylish way to get organized in every room of the house. PLUS, you can create boards with any design or photo you want to work with the decor in every room of your home. Here are a few rooms that I know could use a little help when it comes to getting organized.  


Nursery Between all of the first photos and congratulations cards, there can be a lot of paper that stacks up after having a baby. experience that is already pretty overwhelming, there's no need to add to it with the stress of having a constant stream of cards and photos to keep up with. A nursery bulletin board is a perfect place to collect everything and organize the chaos in one place.


Kids Room I spent every summer during college nannying, so I have seen firsthand just how much 'stuff'' comes home every day after school.  Especially with the little ones. Every day sees new finger paintings, drawings, and crafty projects. While they're not all worth keeping, there are so many amazing school projects that you want to hold onto. It's not easy though to keep kids' artwork safe from rips and tears. PinPix is such a simple solution. It not only keeps the chaos of the overflowing art projects in one place, but it can also become a special place to display your child's accomplishments - a place where they can see on a daily basis their amazing artwork!  


Entryway Everyone has that place where the keys are thrown and the mail stacks up near the front door of the house. And if you don't stay on top of it all, it's easy to forget about a bill here and there. I brought the same organization to my entryway that I do in the office so I can stay on top of everything that I bring in from the mailbox.

My entryway bulletin board makes it super easy to divide out the bills that need to be paid from the mountains of junk mail I get on a daily basis. Rather than keeping everything in a single stack on my entryway table, I immediately pin the bills that will need my attention so I can stay on top of everything and avoid paying late fees when one of the bills slips through the cracks. It's also the best place to hang keys and keep my spare sets for visiting friends and family.  


Kitchen If you love to cook as much as I do, you probably have a kitchen drawer stuffed with hand-written recipes, pages ripped from your favorite cooking magazines, and printouts from various cooking blogs. I tried my hardest to get them organized in a binder, but with extremely limited storage in my New York apartment, I had nowhere to keep the binder and ended up forgetting about it altogether. Now my recipes are on the wall, out of the way, and where I can access them easily every day. PLUS, this adorable veggie print (free to download here) added the perfect touch to my kitchen and a bright pop of color. If you'd like to recreate this veggie pinboard, simply download the pattern from the link and upload it here. Select any frame to fit your kitchen and start organizing your recipes!  


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