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Art To Frames' Guide to Perfect Framing: Tips, Tricks, and Fixes

Published Date : 9th Nov 2023

Expert Framing Made Simple with Art To Frames

Navigating the world of picture framing can sometimes feel like walking through a maze – you know there’s a way out but finding it can be a bit tricky. That's where Art To Frames steps in to light the way. We understand that each piece of art or memory you're looking to frame comes with its own set of unique challenges, and we’re here to provide solutions that are both practical and reassuring.

Custom Frames

Custom Fit: Choosing the Right Frame Size

First off, let's talk about frame size. It's foundational – the bedrock of good framing. Picking out the right size is a bit like Goldilocks finding the perfect porridge; it must be just right. When in doubt, Art To Frames offers custom-sized frames that promise a glove-like fit for your artwork, ensuring it looks like it was born to be there.

Different Picture Frame Sizes

Staying in Place: Preventing Artwork Slippage

Now, onto the dreaded sliding artwork. We’ve all seen it – that beautiful print that just won’t stay put, slipping down like it’s trying to escape the frame. Here’s a solid piece of advice: secure your artwork to the backing board. This is a game-changer and will keep your art stationery and display ready.

Framed Artwork

Clear and Clean: Handling Mat Board Smudges

But what if you're seeing smudges on your mat board? Our hands can be the culprits of unintentional art. Before you start, give your hands a good wash, or even better, slip on a pair of gloves. If a smudge dares to make an appearance, a kneaded eraser is your best friend. It’s a gentle yet effective way to keep your mat looking spotless.

Harmonious Display: Hanging Your Frame

Then there's the hanging. It's not just about putting a nail on the wall; it's about creating harmony in your space. Art To Frames suggests using paper templates to envision where your art will live before making any commitments. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that can save you time and spackle.

Layout Guide

Level Perfection: Correcting Crooked Frames

Crooked frames – they can throw off the whole look of a room. If your frame is leaning more than the Tower of Pisa, it might be time to rethink your approach. Instead of one, use two nails spaced apart to anchor your frame evenly. And for that extra security, Art To Frames recommends wall bumpers. They’re like the unsung heroes of frame stability.

Frame Artwork

Flush Fit: Solving Frame Tilts

If your frame still leans forward, check the positioning of the hooks. Sometimes they need to be adjusted to ensure the frame sits flush against the wall. Art To Frames experts suggest attaching hooks one-third of the way down from the top of the frame for the best balance.

Silent and Secure: Tightening Loose Glass

And what about the glass that rattles in the frame? That’s a no-go. This is where frame spacers come in handy, filling in those gaps and keeping everything snug. Art To Frames has a variety of spacers that can solve this issue, ensuring your frame contents are secure and sound.

Spotless Vision: Banishing Dust Under the Glazing

Lastly, let's dust off the problem of specks under the glass – quite literally. Backing paper is your defense against these tiny intruders. But if some dust manages to sneak in, a quick take-apart and clean-up will do the trick.

At Art To Frames, we stand by ready to assist, not just with quality materials, but with the expertise to tackle these challenges head-on. Our goal is to ensure that your framing experience is as flawless as the art you’re looking to display. With our help, you can frame with confidence, knowing that your treasured pieces are in good hands.


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