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Artist Spotlight: Samba To The Sea

Published Date : 10th Jul 2023

We’re Headed to Costa Rica with Photographer Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea + The Sunset Shop

Not too many moons ago, photographer Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea retired from the hustle and bustle of the NYC corporate banking world, trading in her heels for a surfboard and camera in Costa Rica. Kristen’s photographs are breathtaking and instantly transport you to paradise. She also is one of our favorite artists that use Art To Frames as her go-to source for framing her prints from her online print shop, The Sunset Shop.

We’re itching to know -- what’s the story behind your brand name Samba to the Sea?

Samba to the Sea started as the name of my blog a little over six years ago as an outlet during my transition from the corporate world in New York City to surfing + chasing sunsets in Costa Rica. The name “Samba to the Sea” was inspired by a tea towel from Anthropologie that said, “Samba with me to the sea.” I have family ties to Brazil (Samba is the national dance of Brazil) and as soon as I saw that tea towel, the name just clicked -- Samba is a dance that is full of life and expression, and leaving NYC was my dance to the ocean, me breaking free of the American way of life, full of “expectations”, living life my way, and following my heart. Now, Samba to the Sea represents my overall brand for my photography clients, lifestyle blog, Instagram, and my online print shop, The Sunset Shop.

Beach Happy "sunset print, styled by Jane @jane_athome

Tell us about your sunset + beach photography!  We love that you inspire everyone to take a piece of paradise home and have a never-ending summer right in their own home with your prints from The Sunset Shop!

Soon after moving to Costa Rica, I couldn't help but notice that I was surrounded by Mother Nature’s magic daily -- from the breathtaking sunsets to pristine beach scenes. I found myself carrying my camera everywhere so that I could capture my little slice of paradise to share with my family and friends back in the US.


Long story short, chasing + photographing sunsets + beach scenes inspired me to pursue photography professionally and open my online print shop, The Sunset Shop. I love how my print shop clients can have a piece of beach paradise with them in their very own home, no matter where they may be -- whether it be the concrete jungle in New York City or the desert in Arizona!! :)


P.S. In addition to my tropical prints, I love chasing sunsets everywhere I travel + capturing Mother Nature’s beauty -- from coastal living in the lowcountry to the mountains in the PNW and Oregon Coast!

The Sunset Bus” VW Bus sunset print, styled by Christina @southernmesatrading

How do Art To Frames products fit into your prints and what role do we play in your business?

For my print shop clients that are looking for a framing option for their sunset or beach print, I’m so happy to be working with Art To Frames to offer quality frames at a great price point. In addition to great frames, I love working with the Art To Frames team, from customer service to the product development team!


ANDDDDDDDD drum-roll please, I’m stoked to announce that Art To Frames and I have partnered to offer a brand-spankin’ new product at The Sunset Shop -- framed sunset + beach print shelfies!

“Room at the Top” shelfie print, styled by Courtney @girlandgrey

We’re excited too!! Tell everyone about these framed shelfie prints!

What's a shelfie you ask? A breathtaking 5"x5" fine art beach or sunset print from The Sunset Shop framed in a beautiful satin white frame, perfect for giving a slice of paradise in your loved one's home -- or yours!


Shelfies are great to style on a shelf, hang on a gallery wall, or stand alone on a desk! We collaborated with some pretty awesome women on these new shelfie prints and we are beyond stoked to see how they styled their shelfies in their homes -- Christina (@southernmesatrading), Abbie (@anaberdesign), and Courtney (@girlandgrey) muchas gracias!!


AND for just for this holiday season, the shelfies are at a perfect price point for holiday gifts - $50 shipped directly to your loved one (or to you!)! Add gift wrapping for $5 and your holiday shopping is oh-so-easy!!!

Shop for the shelfies here!

“Where the Sky Meets the Sea” shelfie print, styled by Christina @southernmesatrading

“Just Beachin” shelfie print, styled by Abbie @anaberdesign

Ok, now that you have us dreaming of a vacation to Costa Rica, give us some tips!

Heck yeah! This beautiful country is such a magical place to visit, especially at the beach in Tamarindo, where I just so happen to live! From the breathtaking sunsets, world-class waves to surf, pristine beaches, to the tropical flora and fauna, you may just fall in love with Tamarindo, Costa Rica just like I did not too many moons ago! You can check out all of my insider Costa Rica tips via my numerous blog posts and grab my free Insider Guide to Tamarindo download here!

Hang Five” black and white surfer print, styled by Christina @southernmesatrading


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