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Bedroom Refresh With Montgo Farmhouse

Published Date : 30th Apr 2021

Written By Jamie Montgomery - @montgofarmhouse


With the beginning of the spring season comes change, not just to the weather and foliage, but to the decor in your home. An area in the home that is a part of peoples' spring refreshes is the bedroom. The bedroom is a space where many spend most of their time in their homes so changing the decor is a great way to keep the bedroom feeling new and fresh.  To help us with the bedroom refresh project we teamed up with Jamie of Montgo Farmhouse. Jamie has collaborated with Art To Frames in the past and has a great collection of our picture frames. Below she shares how she approached her bedroom refresh and how Art To Frames assisted her with her picture framing for this project.


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Hey friends, Thanks for joining me here today to check out my bedroom refresh! This has been a long and slow refresh which is totally A-okay. Before we dive in let me give you a photo collage of where we started…



Nothing terribly wrong here BUT several items not my style any more and the IKEA tan drapery had to go!



This whole refresh started with the lamp above from Target. When I saw it, I fell in love. I moved it around from the entryway to the living room, until finally finding a home for it here on our dresser.



Once the coastal lamp was added to our bedroom, next came my drapery overhaul that I did in collaboration with WovnHome. I went back and forward with my design consultant at Wovn between a neutral cream drape or these bold Jaipur Sky blue ones. Clearly, the blue won out and I’m so happy with our decision. They are stunning and add so much character and charm to the space.



Another one of my favorite changes is this beautiful framed art that I received from Art To Frames. I downloaded the art from Collection Prints and then was able to fully customize the frame on Art To Frames website.


I choose the Hard Maple Wood Picture Frame with a finished size of 40x24. I also did a non-glare plexiglass since I knew this room gets a lot of direct sunlight.


This is my second time using Art To Frames and I’ve been so pleased with the quality, value, and customer service! I highly recommend checking them out for your next project.



I’ve added in a few smaller details over the last several months as well. One being this DIY rack that we made using wood knobs I found at Homegoods. Full disclosure: I tried (and miserably failed) to use anchors to hang the knobs on the wall myself. After making two gaping holes in the wall I gave up.


Skot had an idea to turn my power-tool-Polly mishap into something better and cover the holes in the process. He made this simple wood backing for the knobs to screw in to and then we securely drilled that into the studs. I used my favorite Linen White chalk paint to finish it up!



Another small but impactful change I made, was swapping out the hardware on our nightstands. I found these coastal, rattan, and gold ones (heart eyes) at Hobby Lobby. They are my go-to source for beautiful and affordable hooks and pulls.

These pretty cream rattan mirrors were also a Hobby Lobby find. Lamps are from Stock and Trade.



This little corner desk was added a while back but I still wanted to share it with you. It’s an amazing price! I use it as a vanity to get ready at in the mornings. My makeup is fairly organized in the drawer in short little containers. The chair was a Homegoods find which pulls in that coastal feel that all started with the lamp.



The last big thing I changed was swapping out the cream jute rug for this beautiful Loloi one. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about this one. Going from a completely neutral, solid rug to one with so much pattern was a little scary. BUT I’m so glad I took the risk because y’all… I LOVE IT!


The subtle blues in this particular one tie in the blue from the drapes so well. The pattern and size just makes the whole room feel complete.


This is my third Loloi rug so clearly, I’m a fan! Very durable and beautiful rugs at great price points.



Well, guys, that’s it for now. I still have plans to add some type of accent wall to our room… maybe board and batten? Who knows, but for now I’m going to enjoy this room refresh one nap at a time!




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