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Designers That We Are Inspired By

Published Date : 24th Jul 2023

We’d like to highlight some designers that are making a name for themselves from founding their own design studios to leading meaningful charitable organizations. These designers are based throughout the US with a diverse range of styles and experiences. Learn more about them below and be sure to visit their Instagram for more decor tips and inspiration.

Seana Freeman


Like many designers, moving into their first home sparks a wave of inspiration to dive into the design industry. Seana likes to use bold colors that bring a sense of livelihood to each room in a unique way. She combines fun colors together so that each room tells a story in a playful and fun way. Visit her Instagram to see more and what she’s been working on. 

Breegan Jane


While many might know of her from being featured as a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Breegan does much more than just that. She’s a single mother who is also a writer and philanthropist. She does have many luxury home projects under her belt but she focused this year on making design and decor attainable to everyone. When she’s not wearing her designer hat, she is writing on her blog She also has her own book, Carbie, and is a member of Single Moms Planet, which is a mentoring organization for single moms in poverty. Follow her remarkable story and what she’s taking on next via her Instagram page.

Nicole Gibbons


Nicole got her start in PR, while simultaneously jump-starting her blog sharing all the design-related things that she loved. Before she knew it this would become her full-time focus as people were requesting her design expertise. That didn’t stop her ambitions though, as she launched her very own paint line, Clare, in 2017. You can follow her and the upcoming projects she is working on via her Instagram.

Kiyonda Powell


Kiyonda is a designer based out of the nation’s capital Washington, DC. Her signature touch is to bring lively and bright colors to rooms either in the form of artwork or exciting paint colors. Pushing the design boundaries to create an experience that her clients would have otherwise not thought of gives her the energy to bring new light to the spaces she designs. Check out her lovely work on her feed.

Beth Diana Smith


Beth resides and operates her design firm out of New York. After honing her business skills working in corporate finance she pivoted into her love for interior design. In addition to running her design studio, she founded Passionistas, which is an organization that supports the empowerment of female entrepreneurs. Her philosophy is to bring bits of inspiration to all the intricate spaces of her clients’ homes. She believes that wherever you turn to, whether it be an obvious or unexpected place, fill it with art that has a purpose and a positive message. Find more on Beth on her Instagram page.

Carmen Rene


Carmen is an Oakland, California-based interior designer. Her design ethos is focused on bringing culturally rich elements into spaces, to help her clients feel more connected to their values and passions. See what she’s worked on and what’s next for her on her Instagram.

Brigette Romanek


Brigette is a designer known for blending styles that consist of laid-back California with modern chic. Her passion for interiors only continues to grow and she believes it brings people happiness. As many designers have a signature touch or approach to designing their clients’ space, she really believes in learning about her client to make sure once her job is done that the space truly reflects them. She coins it, “a love letter to your family” when describing the way her spaces are designed with the client in mind. Find out more about Brigette and how she’s staying busy via her Instagram page.


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