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Free Art Friday: A trip to the Met

Published Date : 22nd Jun 2023

Today's free art comes courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!  Very few people can afford an original Van Gogh, but we'll take a high-res free download of his work any day. This past February, the Met added an enormous body of artwork from every era and genre throughout history to their open-access program which allows anyone to use the images without restriction.  

There are HUNDREDS of works to choose from, so it's never been easier to create a gallery wall or add a touch of art to any corner of your home - all without breaking the bank. 

We'll be featuring more from this amazing collection, but we're kicking things off with an artist everyone knows: Vincent Van Gogh.  Specifically, we chose to start with Cypresses, a colorful landscape that would work in just about any interior. 



You can download the image here

Van Gogh's work is known for its deep, saturated, and vibrant colors, so we think it's only fitting to pair it with one of our new Barnwood frames from our recently-released collection!



For this work, which featured an array of rich blues and greens, we paired it with the Saturated Turquoise frame to perfectly complement both the blues and green tones alike. 



Want to hang this beauty in YOUR space? Head to the Met's site and download the image - then head to the frame shop and upload it to our Saturated Barnwood frame here!  




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