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Free Art Friday Volume 2

Published Date : 14th Jun 2023

Welcome to the second installment of our Free Art Friday series! I started this series to make it easier to create a gallery wall without breaking the bank. There are so many incredible sites that offer beautiful artwork and photography that are completely free to download - so it's never been easier to start an art collection and fill your walls with stunning photography. Here's my newest batch of fun and striking work and my suggestions for printing and framing each to really make the art pop.

Ocean Views 
I know I referenced the site in the first volume of Free Art Friday, but Unsplash is my go-to site for amazing photography whenever I'm planning a new gallery wall for a client. The site features new and emerging artists who have graciously given work for anyone to download. It's a great site for discovering new artists and an amazing place to start for inspiration when thinking about assembling a gallery wall. This is one of my favorite photographs from the site. This stunning shot is from Caleb Morris, a professional photographer based in Dayton, OH.

ocer pic unsplash

For this image, I wanted to keep the matting and frame minimal. So I went with a thinner mat with the Natural Stain on Maple Frame. And because the photography on Unsplash is high-quality, you can print these stunning images pretty large.

unsplash ocean and chair

You can download this amazing shot on Unsplash here. To recreate this look, you can upload the image to the Clear Stain on Maple frame at the frame shop. To see more of Caleb's striking work, head to his site here!

You Are My Sunshine 
This adorable print set is so perfect for any nursery or kids' room. The colors are so cheerful and of course, the lyrics are so happy, it's the perfect print diptych for any playroom or children's bedroom.

sunshine prints

For this set, I wanted to keep it light and white to let the bright colors shine. I framed them each in the Satin White Frame with the Canary Yellow double mat to accent the colors of the print.

sunshine in nursery

You can download these precious sunshine prints via Burlap and Blue here and head to the frame shop here to recreate this look and upload the set into the Satin White frames!

Space Odyssey 
Who knew NASA and interior design would work so well together?  Visions of the Future is a series of prints from NASA and they're not just for kids. 

nasa 4prints
These incredibly designed illustrations are striking for any room in the house. AND, because they are such large files, they can easily be printed and framed in poster size for an even more striking effect!

nasa in frame

State of Mind 
I LOVE these floral state prints - I was born in Virginia and now live in New York, so it makes me happy to see these prints every day side by side. They can be a great way to honor your home state or you can even build a collection to show off all of the amazing places you've traveled.

virginia floral6 states in floral

These floral states already have a busy pattern, so for prints like this, it's best to keep it simple and stick with the LBD of frames. A sleek Satin Black frame with a Super White mat is the way to go.

framed floral states

You can download all of the 5o flower states via Burlap and Blue here.

A Rustic Touch These herb prints are so charming and would make a perfect addition to any kitchen. Rustic, contemporary, or minimalist, this set would fit any style of kitchen. Even if cooking isn't your thing, these prints could convince anyone that you might actually have more recipes than take-out menus.

herbs 1

herbs 2
herbs 3
herbs 4

For each print, I chose an accent color double mat to complement the herb! For lavender, I chose the grape purple mat and shades of green and yellow for the rosemary, thyme, and chamomile so that each print had a special pop of color. By choosing a single frame for all four, they all still work together as a cohesive collection.

herbs in kitchen

You can download all of the Herb prints via A Daily Something here.   



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