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How To Create A Custom Bulletin Board

Published Date : 22nd Apr 2021

Over the past year, our homes have gone through many decor changes to adapt to the extra time spent at home and we hope that our Work From Home Gift Guide helped some of you out. With these decor changes to your home comes opportunities for upgrades to your existing home decor items. 


One of these items in almost every home is the bulletin board.  Whether it is featured in your kitchen, office, or kids’ rooms, the bulletin board is a great way to keep organized, and with Art To Frames, a great way to add a piece of home decor to your living spaces. Our PinPix Custom Bulletin Boards allow you to choose from a variety of designs and even upload your own photo to be printed and framed on a self-healing high-quality canvas material pinboard. 

See How To Create Your Custom Bulletin Board

The first step in creating your custom framed bulletin board is to head to our PinPix page on our website. Whether you are on mobile or on a desktop/laptop computer you will be able to choose from multiple design options. 


After selecting the right design for your home, you can customize further by selecting from numerous standard sizes or picking any size to custom fit any space in your house. And just like our Picture Frames, you can choose from over 200 styles to frame your new note board. 

Use our notice board to display a recipe, photo, note, or paper. You can use it again and again and your PinPix board will retain its pristine quality and appearance! Each board comes with our easy-to-hang hardware which ensures your bulletin board is secure and level the very first time!

See our custom framed pinboards styled in decor experts’ homes. Our designs and custom sizing help you find the perfect PinPix board for any room in your home. 

Now that you see how easy it is to create your own custom PinPix Bulletin Board, it’s time to start upgrading your board decor.




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