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How To Frame Your Family Photo Collection: Part 2

Published Date : 14th Jun 2023

Last week, I framed a collection of my grandparents' wedding photos in a triple-matted frame that perfectly centered the images under a precisely cut mat. This week, I'm framing photos in a floating style, to leave the edges uncovered.

I love the borders of these photos. Some of the photos I have in this collection even have the year printed on the border, so traditional matting would cover up what makes them so special.

Let's Get Started!

For a floating image, measure the length and width of each photo and add an equal distance from both depending on how much extra space you want around the edges. For my project, I added a quarter inch to each side. The square photo measured 3.5 inches. By adding the quarter-inch to each side, the total length and width came to 4 inches. This is the measurement I inserted into the opening size option on the site to ensure the mat would leave room on each side and wouldn't lay over the picture edges.

For a floating image, the opening size should measure the total image size plus the desired outside area. For my project, I added a quarter inch to each size. The Opening Size for my project came to 4 x 4 (A 3.5 square inch image plus .25 added to each side).

For my photos, I chose a Super White Double Mat with a Clear Stain on Maple Frame. A white mat with a neutral frame is a great choice to let the photo speak for itself.

Want to recreate this look? Shop the Maple Frame here!

When your frame arrives, remove the backing and gather supplies. For a floating frame, you'll need the frame, mat, backing, photo, and adhesive (for my project, I ordered mounting dots to give the photo an extra boost off the background, though regular tape or double-sided tape will suit the project, as well).

Make sure that the appropriate amount of space is given to the photo when you pull out the mat. Place the photo inside the mat to make sure that you're happy with the extra space around the photo.

To begin, it's smart to adhere the mat to the background to prevent shifting after the photo is mounted and placed back into the frame. Without this step, the photo can look crooked and won't appear in line with the matting.

For this project, I wanted to adhere the photo with mounting dots to give the photo an extra pop off the background. Of course, the regular tape is perfectly ok to use for this kind of framing.

If you choose to use mounting dots, it's best to use a dot in each corner as well as one in the center (for larger projects, more dots should be used) to prevent the center of the photo from sinking back.

Once you've placed adhesive on the back, carefully center your photo in the mat and press into place (firmly enough to keep the image from moving but gently enough not to damage your delicate photo!)

If you're happy with how the photo looks, it's time to put the frame back together!

To start, make sure to clean the glass on the inside of the frame to keep any dust out that could dirty the mat and photo.

Once the interior is wiped down, insert the photo, mat, and backing, and fold down the back tabs to hold everything in place.

Ta-da! The borders are exposed and your photo is ready to hang!  Plan the perfect space where you can see it every day and enjoy it!

Ready to get framing? Get your photo collection out of storage and head over to custom framing!


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