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How To Hang A Grid Gallery Wall

Published Date : 13th Jul 2023
At Art To Frames, our goal is to make custom framing affordable and provide you access to a wide variety of picture frame options so that you can complete your next home decor project no matter how big or small. To help us achieve this goal we enlisted the help of home decor extraordinaire Suzannah Stanley. She recently used Art To Frames to help her build her grid gallery wall. Read below to learn more about Suzannah and her helpful tips on how you can create your own gallery grid with Art To Frames today: 
Hello! I am a home improvement/home decor, DIY, and lifestyle blogger and I love to share how you can get a custom, high-quality look with affordable products. I love that Art To Frames is making custom framing attainable and has so many options for customizing and creating whatever look you want! I wanted to do some really special art in our dining room, on this huge blank wall that is very prominent from the main areas of the house. 
While I love a singular really big piece of art, I wanted to do something different here. We have six original pencil drawings by my husband’s 93-year-old grandpa, including one he did for our son when he was born. They are beautiful, unique art--and conveniently, the black-and-white is great with our style (particularly when framed in a narrow black wood frame with an extra big mat). I was able to customize Art To Frames picture frames and get exactly the right look for them.
I love that Art To Frames has different options for hanging hardware, and all of them are easy to use. We used their Easy to Hang system on the large print in our bedroom and it was amazing! For this grid gallery wall, the wiring system was perfect. I think hanging a grid gallery wall can be intimidating, but this project was super easy! 
I am so proud of this art installation, and love what it adds to our dining room! I still have a few finishing touches before I call this room "done," but looking at this art already makes me happy!




  • 2+ matching picture frames with matching mats 
  • Hanging hardware if your frames don't come with it (ArttoFrames ones do, and you can choose Wire, nails, and hooks; Sawtooth hanger; Easel back; or Easy To Hang--I used wire, nails, and hooks and recommend it for some flexibility in getting everything exactly level)
  • A long level 
  • Power drill
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
To read the rest of the grid gallery wall hanging tutorial head to Suzannah's blog: Create-Enjoy. You can shop our picture frames of any size or upload your own images with our custom framing. All of the content and images were provided by Suzannah Stanley of @SuzannahStanley.



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