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How to: Our First Home

Published Date : 28th Jun 2023

For every couple, there are those significant "firsts" that should be celebrated and commemorated in a big way: first date, first kiss, first child.  A couple's first home is also a huge mile marker in any relationship.  The first home together is where so many other of these "firsts" take place. Whether you move away from your first home or grow old there together for years, the keys to your first home are a symbol of a relationship's strength. The keys to the first home you share together surely deserve the perfect display! 

Below, we walk you through step-by-step how to frame your first set of keys! 

To start, grab your keys! (If you still in live your first home, you'll need to make a copy of course)

For this project, we had a front gate key and an apartment key.  The number of keys you wish to frame will determine the mat opening size.  You can get creative during this step depending on how you want to orient the keys within the opening!  I chose a 4x6 opening since I'm framing two keys. 

This next step is completely optional.  Feel free to print or write any personal text to help tell the story. It can be as simple as adding "Our First Home" or the specific address!

Cut to make sure the paper fits under the mat without leaving any areas around the edges exposed.

Place your keys how you wish to display them to make sure you're happy before adhering to the keys.

Place a double-sided foam dot on the back of each key. This will hide the adhesive but also make your keys pop slightly off the background!

Carefully flip back into the frame and secure the back.

Ta-da!  Your first home keys are perfect and ready to display!

Hang it on the wall or add it to the entryway table with your new keys!

Ready to get started?  Head to Custom Framing to pick the perfect size and frame for your home! 




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