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How To Split A Photo Into Three Frames For A Triptych

Published Date : 7th Aug 2023
Hampton’s Style Blue Whale Art. Submitted by Amy S.

Decorating wall space in your home is exciting, a blank canvas for you to turn your house into your home.  It can also be a pretty daunting task to take on alone. Before you refer to our Gallery Wall Collection as a convenient way of decorating your home, examine creating a triptych or splitting your image into three separate picture frames.

What Is A Triptych Gallery Wall?

A triptych is a photograph or painting displayed in a series of three separate picture frames that are usually displayed next to each other to form one larger image. Below we will provide you with instructions on how to create your own triptych breaking one image into three separate images to be framed using our Custom Framing services.

Here is everything you need to create your own triptych gallery wall

  1. Step One: Make sure to choose a high-resolution image. You do not want to use a grainy low-resolution image. 
  2. Step Two: Use a free online tool to split your images into three
  3. Step Two: Pick your favorite frame style

Step One: How Do I Check A Photo’s Resolution

If you are uncertain about the resolution of your image you can typically right-click your image and click on the properties or info option. From there you can see the details of your image. Without getting too advanced, a low-res image is considered 72 dpi (dots per inch) and is best for social (Facebook/Instagram), and high-res is 300 dpi for printing and framing.

Step Two: How Do I Split My Image Into Three

If you are a Photoshop pro you can easily use some of the Adobe suite tools to help you turn one image into three but if you are a novice you can use a few free online tools to help change your image. You can find them by doing a quick internet search for “free online tool to turn one image into three”.

Step Three: Find Your Favorite Picture Frame

After splitting your high-resolution image into three you will want to head to our Picture Frame Collection and browse for the perfect frame for your image. To help you out you can also survey some of our smaller frame collections here: Black Frames, White Frames, Barnwood Frames, Natural Frames. After finding the perfect frame for your image you can select the upload image button and go through the process of adding your framed images to your cart. 

We have you all covered from here with the printing and framing of your images. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax and your frames will be shipped your way soon!


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