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How To Spruce Up A Bathroom With Picture Frames

Published Date : 27th Jul 2023

Decorating your home is not limited to your bedroom or living room. That's right, we are talking about bathroom decor today. Decorating a bathroom has its own set of unique hurdles. Bathrooms are typically small, clumsily shaped, and have scarce wall space to decorate. Our Picture Frames are an easy and affordable way to decorate and bring out the best in your bathroom.

Below We Will Detail 4 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom

1. Make Your Frames The Focal Point

Go For The Gold With Our Gold Leaf With Bead Compo Frames

This bathroom by Palm And Prep uses two Gold Leaf With Bead Compo Picture Frames as a focal point to bring attention to a darkly colored room, allowing the frame to shine. The artwork, which is set on the side of the tub, surrounded by plant greenery, immediately draws you in and adds contrast to the room with the shine of the gold frames. If you want to keep your bathroom more basic, a single large frame is an excellent alternative. 

2. A Space For Fun Framing

Float Your Favorite Fun Quotes

Our Acrylic Floating Frames add a light touch of design with a frame-less frame look. Available in a variety of hardware, you can even pair it with the existing accents in your bathroom just like Everything Kris does with our gold standoffs. With our print and framing services, you can add a touch of fun to your bathroom decor. 

3. Create A Mini Gallery Wall Stack

Bathroom Gallery Wall Mini Stack

Since the bathroom may be limited in regards to space for your frames, we think a gallery wall stack with as little as two frames helps add a special touch to your decoration. You can achieve symmetry by stacking frames in rows or columns. This look is shown by Home With Harper with two 12x16 Walnut Picture Frames.  This style pairs perfectly with a photo mat to show lots of white space around the art or photos. 

4. Above The Toilet

Print And Frame Your Favorite Pieces Of Art

To best decorate above your toilet you will want to select a picture frame that is roughly the same width as the toilet tank. Using our Custom Framing page, Hartman Haus was able to upload her artwork and have it printed, matted, and framed to her exact specifications. When hanging your custom frame, give enough room between the top of the toilet and the bottom of the frame. This gives space for bathroom accessories such as tissues, plants, or toilet paper holders.


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