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How To Upload Your Photo And Frame With Art To Frames Custom Framing

Published Date : 7th Aug 2023

Creating a Custom Picture Frame provides you with a unique one-of-a-kind frame because everything we make at Art To Frames is custom-made to tell your story. Your Custom Frame will last for many more years than most home decor products you will find in your own home and will be a personalized piece for you to admire for years to come. With Art To Frames’ Custom Framing services, your frame customization is limitless. To help you find your perfect frame we have created a step-by-step guide on all of our Custom Framing options.

See Our Guide For How To Customize Your Perfect Frame

With our Custom Framing service, we offer a variety of customization. We will go through each way you can customize in our list below:

      1. 200+ frame styles
      2. 60+ mat colors 
      3. 4 Paper Types
      4. 10+ glass options
      5. 4 Hanging Hardware Options
      6. 10+ Fancy Shapes 
      7. 15+ Mat Engravings 
      8. Linen Liner
      9. Collage Openings


To get you started on your process of creating the perfect Custom Frame you will need to upload your digital photo or piece of artwork.


Our website will take your image and optimize it for the best fit and size.


1. Choosing The Right Frame Style For You


Use our side panel to browse through our frame collection or click see all for a pop-up displaying even more rows of frames.

With over 200 different frame styles our pop-up allows you to filter through different categories including your frame’s depth


2. Customize your frame and photo with a mat

Use our side panel to choose between 1 to 3 mats to add a touch of style to your image while also protecting your print.  From there browse our collection of over 60 mat colors and watch as our display image updates live as you switch between colors to help you best find your perfect combo.


After finding your perfect mat combo it is time to move on to paper type.


3. Find the perfect paper

When using our Custom Framing services it is just as important to pick the right paper as anything else in this process. See our breakdown of our paper types below:

Canvas - print on canvas like regular canvas prints, poly-cotton blend, no mat when using canvas, but can still use a liner.

Satin - has a sheen to it, not gloss or high gloss, low gloss, has a bit of a sheen to it, similar to a luster print similar to a photo studio print, best used for photography prints.

Matte - Plain paper, thicker material, holds ink well, works well for fine art, such as a print of a watercolor or abstract art.

Hot Rag - This paper is a pure cotton-based paper, our highest quality paper, and is acid-free. Perfect for someone who wants to emulate a watercolor or illustration feel


4. Pick the right glass for your home

A lot goes into picking the glass for your picture frame. We sort our glass options by the amount of protection and pricing. If you want to learn more about our glass offerings make sure to read our blog on how to choose the right glass option for your picture frame.

Also, make sure to click our “See All” button to get more in-depth info on our Custom Framing page. 


From here you can hover and click on our glass offerings for a full breakdown of their beneficial properties. 


5. Browse our hanging hardware options

We offer four different hardware options to choose from for you to hang your frame.  When framing using our Custom Framing services, your hardware will come already installed and ready for you to hang. The highlight of our hanging hardware options is our unique Easy To Hang hardware. It helps provide a hanging system to keep your frame secure and flush with your wall.


Select our learn more to see video demonstrations of our different hanging hardware types.


6.  Customize your mat with our Fancy Shapes

With 10+ fancy shapes, you can change the way people look at your artwork or photos. Start with our circle shape for free or other shapes for only an additional $10.


7.  Add a touch of elegance with a Mat Engraving

Our Mat Engraving adds a nice touch to any picture frame with a mat that is sure to get noticed.


8.  Change Up Your Look With A Linen Liner

Lose the mats and beeline for our linen liners. Our linen liners are a great alternative to a photo mat and add a more textural look to your picture frame.


9.  All your memories under one frame

Switching from a single image to a collage picture frame is a great way to feature your favorite memories under one frame. With our Custom Collage Framing, you can upload up to 42 images!

No matter what the framing project our Custom Framing page is sure to please and with everything we outlined, you can customize to your heart’s desire.



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