Introducing Our Acrylic Floating Frame Gallery Wall

Published Date : 28th Apr 2021


Finding the perfect frame for your home is easy with Art To Frames.  From buying one picture frame to buying a whole Gallery Wall, we have you covered with over 200 frame styles custom-made and shipped straight to your home. As part of our new Gallery Wall Collection, we would like to introduce you to our new Acrylic Floating Frame Gallery Wall: The Floating Landscape

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A twist on your classic Gallery Wall, float your favorite photos or art pieces in our frame-less acrylic floating frames. The Floating Landscape provides an impressive asymmetrical Gallery Wall layout with five acrylic frames in 14 x18 and 10 x 13 sizes. This gallery wall is available in multiple hardware options included muted chrome, gold, black & white. We’ll make all your frames at our factory in Brooklyn, NY, and ship them to you with a life-size hanging guide to make installing your gallery wall easy and fast. Keep reading to see all of our hardware styles modeled for lifestyles and sizing. 


Muted Chrome Floating Horizon


Our Muted Chrome hardware style provides a metallic look without the shine for a more matted chrome look.


White Floating Horizon


Our white standoffs help your Acrylic Floating Frame stand out with a clean white look.


Black Floating Horizon


Our black hardware never goes out style and provides your acrylic floating frame with a sleek style.



Gold Floating Horizon


Let your Acrylic Floating Frame shine with our gold standoffs. Great for any space in your home and the perfect complement to any gold decor.


No matter the space in your home, we have the perfect gallery wall design for you on our website. Make sure to sign up for our email list below and follow us on Instagram at @arttoframes for more information and updates on everything decor-related.


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