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Blog published on 30th May 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Part 1

Don't just settle for a last minute card!  From now until Mother's Day, we'll be putting together some unique gift ideas so you can give mom the perfect present that she'll be sure to cherish forever!  This year, think outside the box and surprise the mom in your life with a creative gift that will have her swooning for days!

Here are just a few to get you started! 

Vintage Family Photos

Get that box of old family photos out of storage and pick a few favorites!  Family photos don't belong in the attic - they belong on the wall where you can see them every day!  Surprise mom with old family photos that she hasn't seen in a while.  

Baby Hospital Bracelets

If you remembered to save your baby's bracelet from the hospital, this is a truly unique gift that mom will absolutely LOVE.  Framing priceless objects like these can add a fun touch to a gallery wall that's filled primarily with photographs.  Everything looks better in a beautiful frame! 

A Few Kind Words

Swap out the card for a print she can see every day! Its super easy to find free patterns online (here are some of our favorites) and add a kind word or loving message. Or, forego the pattern and keep it simple. (The print below was created in Word!) Its that easy to put together a stylish print.  Just convert the doc into image and upload here.  Select the perfect frame to match mom's decor and you're done!  The perfect gift for Mother's Day!

The Little Ones - on CANVAS!

Think outside the frame and have some photos of the kids printed on a unique material like acrylic or canvas! Canvas adds texture to images and can add a fun touch to any gallery wall. You can also add a floater frame around canvases for an extra special touch!  Have a photo ready that mom would LOVE to see on canvas?  Upload your photos to canvas here





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