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Spotlight of Photographer Dennis Ramos: A Journey of Light And Passion

Published Date : 14th Jun 2023

Dennis Ramos is an international award-winning fine art photographer born in Manila Philippines. He migrated to the United States after completing a degree in medical science. His love and passion for digital photography started with artistic portraiture using mixed lighting. His fascination with the light led him to explore and experiment with other forms of photography that eventually evolved into fine art landscapes. To this date, you will find him exploring light through architectural landscapes and seascapes. Dennis has been a featured winner in the Epson International Pano Awards, the Grand Prix de la Decouvre, and Vogue magazine.


The Skyway photo of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg Florida won the 2014 Overall Winner in Open Competition at the Epson International Pano Awards and 2014 Open Photographer of the Year. Custom frame by We had the privilege to share some one-on-one time with the talented photographer to hear more about his story and what inspires him to capture these spectacular moments in time.

What led you to photography?

When I first came here to Brooklyn, New York in the spring of 1991, one of the first items I bought for myself was a 35mm film camera. I simply wanted to take pictures of my newfound land and send the photos to my family back in Manila, the Philippines to show them my new home. I took photos everywhere I went and captured everybody I saw and met. While I was recording my adventure, I realized and learned about what photography really means to me. I didn't have a formal education in photography, yet that adventure taught me all about my love for taking photographs.

What inspires you?

Beautiful lights and shapes inspire me to create my works in fine art and portraiture. Whenever I see a light that illuminates a beautiful scenery, a person, or an object, it fuels my creativity and mood to capture that moment.

What are some of the thoughts that run through your mind during a shoot?

With the light being my main source of inspiration, I usually contemplate my subject standing beside me- and I picture the final image in my mind and work from there to create the photo I've imagined.

What is your approach in terms of bringing raw digital images to life with custom prints and frames?

As a fine art photographer, a digital image becomes a work of fine art only after it is printed and framed. A lot of times, especially nowadays, beautiful photos remain as digital web-only art. For me, printing and framing are the other half behind fine arts. It is an art in and of itself.

The Egret won 3rd place at the 2013 Grand Prix de la Decouvre International Fine Art Photography Award in France. Custom frame by


Can you tell us about how you discovered our site and what allows to stand out among the other framing websites?


When I first visited the Art To Frames website, I immediately noticed the ease of navigation despite the wide variety of products. I was particularly surprised that I was able to order specific sizes for my panoramas. It was so simple to create custom frames to fit my original work, unlike other frame shops where I've needed to adjust my print to fit their size frames. That is a unique and major feature for me. It's one that keeps me coming back to the site every time I shoot.

What does the future hold for Dennis Ramos?

I am very passionate when it comes to fine art photography. I can see myself expanding and perfecting my craft while inspiring more people and continuing to broaden my horizons through my travels and social interactions.

As Winston Churchill once said, Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

To view or to purchase more of Dennis's incredible photography, click here to visit his website where you can also learn more about his story. (The link features his International Fine Arts Label). Connect with him on Facebook or send him an email. And be sure to head to for all your custom printing and framing needs.




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