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Spotlight on Photographer Peter Alessandria: Instinct and Inspiration

Published Date : 14th Jun 2023

Peter Alessandria is a fine art photographer based out of New Jersey and a loyal Art To Frames customer. We took the time to ask Peter a few questions about the art form of photography and his approach to custom printing and framing. You can find more of his work on Instagram( @PeterAlessandria )!  

What circumstances led you to become a professional photographer? Photography was something I found relatively late in life. It started out as a hobby and quickly became a passion. When a prior career ended I decided to give being a professional photographer a shot (pun intended).

What type of thoughts runs through your head when you're in the midst of a shoot? Honestly, very little conscious thought runs through my mind while I am shooting. Maybe it sounds cliche, but when I am really into a shoot I am purely in the moment. Most decisions are based on instinct or inspiration. Prior to a shoot, there can be a lot of thought-based planning, but once I get going it really is instinct/inspiration.


In the last two years, Peter was won 10 awards for his fine art photography. Custom Frames by Art To Frames.

On your website, you explain how your business consists of Architectural Photography, Commercial Product Photography, Actor/Model/Executive Headshot Photography, and Fine Art Photography. What allows you to be successful in so many different areas? Part of it is I am just happiest when I have a camera in my hand. Part of it is also I find many different areas of photography interesting. Plus I like the challenge of mastering something new. A lot of photography especially commercial photography is problem-solving and I like that challenge. That and doing the same thing over and over would not be fun for me.

What is your approach in terms of bringing raw digital images to life with custom prints and frames? Well digitally displaying images online is fine and it is the easiest way to reach lots of people with my work. But there's still something special about seeing my work printed and professionally framed. It is always the wow factor: people see a nice print for the first time and they literally say wow. That and all the options we have now for printing our art traditional paper prints framed and matted, canvas, acrylic, and more. As much as we enjoy our digital devices, people still like to hold and admire a physical reproduction of an image.

What type of professional relationship do you have with Art To Frames? I've been working with Art To Frames for several years. Initially, I was attracted by the reasonable prices but soon came to appreciate the fast turnaround and quality of the work. Paper prints with custom mats and frames, as well as acrylic and canvas prints, are my favorite products from Art To Frames. Customer service is also top-notch. Peters's work has been shown in art galleries, restaurants, and other public spaces.

Can you tell us about any stand-out moments where Art To Frames exceeded your expectations? I am most interested in consistent quality products and services over time. I like to know my framer is reliable and Art To Frames delivers that. That said, one way Art To Frames has stood out for me recently is that they have been working with me to allow me to sign my work before sending it to my own clients. This requires a bit of change in the normal mode of production at Art To Frames, and so far they've been able to accommodate me. This allows me to send high-quality, professionally framed images to my customers with my actual signature on them.

In your opinion what makes Art To Frames unique? Quality product, solid workmanship, fast turnaround all at a reasonable price.

What does the future hold for Peter Alessandria Photography? More of the same. On the fine art photography front, I am always looking for new subject matter to shoot and build collections around. I want to do more traveling to new locations for my art this year and next. In my commercial and portrait work, I want to include higher-end, luxury products, and architectural projects. I am also working towards celebrity portraits and other work for publication. It's already shaping up to be an exciting year!

More of Peters's incredible photography can be viewed and purchased at If you're interested in connecting with Peter please connect with him on Facebook, Instagram ( @PeterAlessandria ), or send him an email!

And be sure to head to for all your custom printing and framing needs.




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