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Talking Design With Home Decor Expert Home With Harper

Published Date : 27th Jul 2023

We pride ourselves on providing affordable custom framing for our framing community so that they can complete their next home decor project.  We want to highlight some of our favorite home decor experts and ask them for their expertise on how to decorate your home. To help us out we asked Kris of Home With Harper what inspires her and why she chooses Art To Frames.

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Who Is Home With Harper?

Hi friends, I'm Kris! 31 years young and live in a suburb outside of Los Angeles with my husband and daughters, Harper Lee + Billie Stone! When I'm not prepping snacks and folding tiny laundry, I'm renovating our new (to us) home on a budget! From decor to baby products, I share it all @homewithharper

20x24 Satin Black Picture Frame

What Inspires You?

I really try to look for inspiration in my own home. Most days I am shopping for my own decor and moving things around to switch up a space! I also find a ton of inspiration in my fellow design friends on Instagram! Pinterest is also a great place to start.

Walnut Picture Frame 12x16

How Was Art To Frames Able To Assist With Your Framing Projects?

Art To Frames definitely gave me the most customization when it came to my projects! I was able to create super custom-looking pieces at a fraction of the cost of other brands. My oversized gallery wall in my living room is by far my favorite project! I wanted large statement pieces but that didn’t take over the space per se. I added super thick and unique matting to the picture frames to make them look super unique. 

Walnut Picture Frame Size 20x28

How did you decide which frame styles worked for which pieces?

Most of my framed walls are the focal point of a room so most of my decor fits around my frames! And I honestly think I have every type of color frame imaginable which makes it super easy to not commit to one “type”! I have everything from vintage gold frames to satin black. I love to pair different tones and textures to add some dimension to a gallery wall.



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