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The Best Sites for Free Art: Part 1

Published Date : 14th Jun 2023

Creating a gallery wall is hard enough without having any amazing, original art to get started. While buying directly from artists is certainly the way to go, it can be extremely difficult to put together a multi-piece gallery wall that doesn't break the bank. Each month, I'll feature a variety of sites to visit to download amazing, free art. Plus, I'll show you the best ways to print and frame them to create striking and affordable gallery walls.


Let's Get Botanical

One sure way to add a fresh look to your home this summer is right here. These amazing botanic prints from the New York Public Library are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside! Bonus, you don't have to have a green thumb to grow a garden in your home.


The New York Public Library has a huge archive of amazing art that's been made available to anyone. This is one of my go-to sites for amazing, vintage collections that can add a stylish and tasteful touch to any room in the house.

You can download the entire collection of these gorgeous botanic prints here! To keep it light and bright, I added a double, super-white mat to the modern white frames. Shop the entire white collection here and simply upload the prints for a stunning and affordable summer project!

Beach Please

Unsplash is every designer's new best friend. Unsplash features an enormous collection of striking, professional high-res photography that is open for anyone to use! The subjects are limitless, but my personal favorites are beach photos. Living in New York, these photos are a great way to keep me feeling like I'm on vacation year-round.

You can download this beach photo here. I chose to frame this print under a double white mat in this amazing natural frame that is perfectly suited to any of the incredible beach photographs from the Unsplash collection.

Poppy Perfection I am in awe of all of the visually striking work by artist Luisa Rivera, and this poppy print does not disappoint. Perfect for just about any room in the house, this print adds 

For this look, I chose a classic, clean white frame and a Silver Pine interior mat for an added pop of subtle color to compliment the stunning green of the poppies.

You can download the poppies print here. To recreate this look at home, visit the frame shop once you've downloaded the print.

Vintage Camera Collection Angie Makes is an incredible site by artists Angie and Chris. While they create custom websites for their clients, they also generously provide free artwork for download and have a huge collection of work for anyone to use in their home. This collection of vintage camera prints is perfect - especially for the kids' room.

With a playful color scheme that works perfectly with all kid's decor, I decided to print this adorable collection on canvas for an even more playful aesthetic. Printing on canvas is a great way to add texture to the image as well as add artwork to a room that literally pops off the wall!  

Download this adorable collection from Angie Makes here (more colors available!)To recreate this canvas look, simply visit the canvas shop and upload the camera prints here.

Flower Power Returning once again to a botanic theme (and more work by Angie Makes!), these vintage-inspired floralï sketches are perfection. These stunning drawings would look spectacular in just about any room of the house.  

Download the vintage flower prints here! For this series, I chose a perfectly purple frame with a double, super-white mat. To recreate this look, upload the flower prints to the purple frame here! Stay tuned next month for a whole new batch of free art! Happy Framing!  


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