Upgrading Your Dormroom Posters

Published Date : 14th Mar 2022

After college, unframed posters are no longer appropriate room decor. Every grown-up space deserves more than sloppy, unprotected artwork taped or pinned directly on the wall. Enter Art To Frames...

ALL art looks better under glass, and dorm room posters are no exception.  With a simple frame job, these posters can once again become age-appropriate additions to your space. 

Below are some fantastic examples of posters that once served me in my twenties, but have been recently upgrading and are, once again, welcome additions to my home now that I'm in my thirties. 

For my Monet poster, I selected a simple, thin black frame and opted to forego the matting. Shop this look below: 

For my Kimpt poster, I opted for a gold frame similar to the styles I found in the Neue Museum where this painting hung.  Shop the Gold Foil on Pine frame below: 


For the Picasso print, I selected the Gray Oak on Barnwood to subtly complement the beautiful shades of green and seafoam.  Shop this stunning frame below: 






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