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Why We Choose Art To Frames

Published Date : 27th Sep 2018

At Art To Frames we know custom framing is one of the easiest ways to improve the decor of your home or office. Our variety of frames provide you with the ability to make your artwork or photograph that much more unique.

Now more than ever people are actively taking photos and looking to purchase artwork, posters and other memorabilia for their homes. The next steps that follow are how to properly select the correct frame depending on the room and the artwork.  This is where the average person becomes lost. Fortunately this is where Art To Frames comes in with expert advice on what frames to use and how to use them to best style your home.

Below we will show you some of the ways our top influencers use our frames to decorate their homes.


“I chose the Black Steel Style wood frame from Art to Frames to compliment my Chasing Paper peace print because it was the modern, complimentary choice for that print. I also wanted something that paired with my black and white print. The thin frame adds to the modern look, as I didn’t want anything that would take away from the thin graphic lines of the print.

When I received my black and white print from Sambatothesea, I knew I wanted it to float in a clear acrylic frame of some sort. I saw the Floating Acrylic Frames from Art To Frames, and knew it would be a perfect pairing! I love the modern elegance of this frame against the lady lying in the sand. It's understated yet stylish, and I love how it floats!”


I chose simple shaped frames for two of my Art to Frames pieces - I am a fan of clean lines as they don't distract from the piece inside the frame.

One of the pieces was an original painting that was an unusual size and I loved how easy it was to specify the dimensions and get a perfectly sized mat and frame.

Another frame I loved was for a fairly large sized piece, and I again chose a simple flat frame, but in a muted gold finish that enhanced the artwork perfectly.


“I love using art to frames to find the perfect match for my prints. I’m a visual person so having the ability to see the art in the frames helps me choose the best option.”

“I chose the modern white frames to make my prints pop against the wild wallpaper.”


I live in the Midwest so incorporating decor that fits our natural surroundings is important to me. I also love collecting art, both old and new. When I'm looking for something new, I turn to small business and makers because I believe the love that goes into their craft will far outlast anything mass produced. I found a couple prints from a small online shop that I love, the colors are so rich and the aesthetic was exactly what I was hoping for. Next was to find the perfect frames.

Sure, I could've turned to a big box store, but that's just not me. I love when things are crafted because you get a sense of pride and love poured into their work, so when I found Brooklyn based Art to Frames I knew I hit home. I chose a solid oak frame, one for it's simplicity, but two because oak will stand the test of time. Together the artist's prints and these custom oak frames paired perfectly. Classically designed frames surround my minimalistic prints created the organic and authentic look I was searching for.


A lot of the art I have are prints I’ve picked up from local shops and artists here in Portland. I usually choose an oak frame to help pull up the wood tones from my floor, and to add a little warmth (plus it’s a classic look), but I also love a pop of color like the Green Stained Red Leaf Maple frame that sits in the center of my gallery wall.

This piece is actually the front of a card that I found on one of my first shopping trips after moving to Portland, so it holds a special place in my heart (and now gets to be displayed in one of my favorite colors!)


What I love about the Clear Finish on Hard Maple Frame is that it lends such an organic feel to any space where you'd hang it. Because of this, I chose an earth-toned photo of coffee and plants by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash. The frame pulls out the light brown tones in the coffee, making it look oh-so-delicious! I keep moving it from the kitchen to the guest room, and back to the kitchen. You cannot go wrong with this frame—it is so versatile!

For another photo print in our home, I selected the Gold Foil on Pine Frame. My husband actually took the photograph in this one, so naturally, I wanted to hang it on his side of the bed. My side has a vintage Marilyn Monroe print in a rose-gold frame, and I wanted to match the tone and scale of art on his side. We have a dark green wall, and a wood headboard and nightstands, so I selected this gold option from Art to Frames because it would bring in a pop of texture and shine, helping the art not only complement that which was on my side of the bed, but also stand out among our other decor. Jason (my husband) felt super special when he saw that I had chosen such a regal-looking frame for his photography.


It’s no secret I love Art to Frames, not only do they have so many options, but they are so affordable!

When I ordered this barn print from JennysPrintShop, I envisioned it in a Modern White Frame, and boy did Art To Frames deliver. It was an odd size being taller and thinner than your average print, so Art to Frames customized this one for me. Perfection.

My other piece I will treasure for all of my life is my Gold Pine Frame! This piece speaks vintage to me, and that’s the key to my heart. I had this landscape print I wanted frames, again another size that i might not find in my stores, so Art to Frames made it for me! And again, perfection!   

Thanks to all of our fans and partners for sharing their stories of how our frames complement their homes and lives everyday. To be featured on our website and social media be sure to follow and tag @ArtToFrames on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!



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