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Why You Should Get Custom Frames For Your Artwork

Published Date : 11th Feb 2019

(And How To Make It Easy)

Artwork is a great addition to any room. It can spruce up your office, complete your living room, or personalize your bedroom. And while, sure, you can just tack up the print with some push pins or double-sided tape, a frame really pulls things together. A frame also indicates that you are, in fact, a grown up and not living in your college dorm anymore.

But art isn’t alway chosen for a spot, it’s not always on your “things to get” list—you often just find it and know that you want it displayed in your home. Whether it’s a painting from a street fair or a perfectly imperfect family portrait from your last gathering, it deserves a frame. However, in many cases, the pieces and pictures we collect may not be a traditional frame size. Rather than trimming and folding or trying to accommodate for random, unintentional blank space in a frame that’s almost the right size, we say you should get a custom frame.

Custom framing gives you all sorts of options for upping your decor game. You can make a smaller photo or piece of art a focal point by matting it in a larger, stylish frame. You can create a cohesive gallery wall with multiple frames that complement each other exactly as you envision. You can go for a statement frame or a subtle border and, because it’s custom, you know it’s going to fit. You get to choose the frame color, finish, and material that best suits your space, and you get something that’s unique to you and your home.

But, unfortunately, custom framing can often be a hassle and can get rather pricey. If you walk into a craft or framing shop, you’ll end up standing at a counter with a store employee. Maybe that’s your speed and you prefer to place orders in person, but in the era of the internet, many of us would be way more comfortable sitting on our couch, staring at our undecorated wall, and clicking through options to create a custom order (without pants on).

Art to Frames makes things a bit easier and more affordable than the traditional in-store route. As an online custom framing company, their service allows you to design a perfectly proportioned frame with your choice of mat and glass, without having to leave your WiFi connection to find a brick-and-mortar store where you’ll likely pay about twice as much.

Perhaps the most attractive selling point for Art to Frames is the convenient and simple buying process, but the frames themselves are of good quality, as well. They’re sturdy and nice to look at. With the selection of glass options, you can ensure that your art will be protected and viewable regardless of the lighting situation in your home.

To design your frame, you just input the dimensions and select the style, finish, mat, and glass you’d like. The page will keep a synced tally of the cost of your frame while you scroll through your options so you won’t be surprised by the total price tag when you get to your check-out cart. Plus, you have a seemingly endless variety of wood, styles, and colors to choose from, so we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your space.

Don’t have your photo or digital painting printed yet? No worries—Art to Frames also offers to do the printing for you, so you can get the whole project done at once.

This post was written by our friends over at the Slumber Yard, a review website that focuses on mattresses, sleep-related products, and home goods.



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