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Your First Gallery Wall

Published Date : 3rd Jan 2019

With Art To Frames' custom framing, we make it easy and affordable for you to buy and hang your first gallery wall. Whether you are just starting your art collection or looking to refresh your home decor, the gallery stack is the right choice for you.

To help us share how easy it is to frame and hang your own gallery stack we’ve partnered with our photographer extraordinaire Sarah Stephens Photography. She will run through everything you need to know about the gallery stack and how easy it is to start your own!

Why did you choose our Real Reclaimed Barnwood, White Reclaimed Barnwood, Distressed Grey and Muted Gold Glow pictures frames?

I recently updated my kitchen and living room with a more neutral and clean color scheme. I love the rustic, farmhouse décor that has been popular lately but also wanted to bring more of a modern bright feel to my home. When creating this gallery wall, my goal was to tie in the surroundings where the gallery would hang by choosing different frames that bring in the neutral and rustic charm I am hoping to display in my home.

Why did you choose this space for your gallery stack?

One of our favorite places to gather is around our kitchen counter. From early morning breakfast meals, to late night snacks, this is a popular place in our home. With four kids in the home, I wanted to do as much as I could to create an art gallery design in our kitchen that keeps family memories alive and also serves as a topic of communication when guests enter our home.

Which photos did you select? Do you have any tips for people on which pictures to select?

Our family loves all types of history. From an early age we have treasured the times that we can share the history of our own heritage as well as the country we live in and the world we are a part of. Our goal is to visit every American president’s home by the time my oldest son graduates from high school. We have a few years left and are well on our way to checking every home off of our list! The photos I choose for this gallery are photos from the American presidents’ homes we visited during a trip to Northern New England last fall. When choosing photos to display in your home, I recommend choosing photos that reflect your family. These photos are not only reminders of an incredible family trip, but also represent something that we hold dear, our American heritage and the history of our forefathers.

What do these photographs mean to you and what are the stories behind them?

Each photo represents not only a different United States president, but also a time period during American history. They also hold as reminders of our family times in each beautiful state we visited during our trip to Northern New England.

Top Photo: Calvin Coolidge: The Coolidge homestead is located in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. Calvin Coolidge took the oath of president in the family parlor of his home after the former President, Warren G. Harding died. Coolidge was the 30th president of the United States from 1923-1929. His home is located in the beautiful hills of Vermont. Visiting his home during the peak fall season was nothing more than amazing!

Second Photo: Chester Arthur: Arthur’s home is located in Fairfield, Vermont. Chester Arthur was the 21st President of the United States from 1881-1885. Arthur shocked many during his time by fighting corruption in Washington and is known as a reformer. His small home is located off an old country road in the northern part of the state.

Third Photo: George W. Bush: Kennebunkport, Maine is not only an incredibly beautiful scenic community located off the coastal rocks of Maine, it is also the part-time vacation home of the Bush family and the former 41st President of the United States, George W. Bush. Bush served as president from 1989-1993. He is only the second president, after John Adams to be the father of another United States president. My kids enjoyed playing on the rocks beside the ocean as we stopped to take pictures of this breath-taking home on the coast of Maine.

Bottom Photo: John Adams: Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, the “Old House at Peace Field,”, was built in 1731. John Adams was the second President of the United States, serving the country from 1797-1801. Among all the homes we visited on our trip to Northern New England, this was our favorite. Four generations of Adams have lived in the home since Adams and then donated it to the American Parks Association. Everything has been left untouched and rich history comes alive as you walk through the home and see the chair in which John Adams died in and the rooms his children grew up.

Why do you recommend the gallery stack?

This arrangement worked well in a space between my counter and the door to my pantry. The stacked column layout could work next to a bookcase or window as well. It’s a unique design that adds dimension and dynamics to my kitchen space.

Why did you use Art To Frames to help build your gallery wall?

I love Art To Frames not only because of the quality of print and frame work, but also the variety of all the company has to offer.  When ordering my frames, the process is simply laid out so that whatever feel I’m going for is easy to design and see right before my eyes.

With over 300 different frame styles and the ability to load your own artwork and photos our Custom Framing is the best place to start making your own gallery wall stack today!


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