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Custom Cut Framers Quality Glass, Plexi Glass And Acrylic

Quality Cut Glass At Affordable Pricing For All Of Your Picture Framing Needs.

Order in just 3 easy steps

1-Choose your size

2-Choose your Quality

3-Order and receive


Protect your Artwork

We offer high-quality custom glass sheets cut exactly to your specifications. Just enter your measurements and order the perfect glass for your project.

Easy Custom Glass ordering

Measure the inside of the frame

  • + Very Rigid
  • + Easy to clean
  • + Less expensive
  • + Slightly clearer

  • - Breakable
  • - Heavy
  • + Shatter resistant
  • + Much lighter
  • + Safer to work with

  • - Scratch prone
  • - Can bow on larger pieces
  • - Issues with static

As Seen In

Featured in BuzzFeed
Featured in Martha Stewart
Featured in CNN News
Featured in NBC News
Featured in People
Featured in USA Today

Regular glass

The Standard choice

  • Standard indoor-framing protective material

From $ 1048

Regular Plexi glass

The Standard choice

  • Standard indoor-framing protective material
  • Partial UV protection for prints exposed to sunlight
  • Scratch resistant

Uv glass/Plexiglass

Protect your artwork from the light

  • Premium choice
  • 97% UV protection against sun and artificial light
  • Safeguarding original artwork

UV Non-glare glass/ Plexiglass

Ideal for a room full of light

  • Non-reflective matte surface to minimize glare and reflection
  • Best used in rooms with strong lighting
  • Provides 100% UV protection
  • Optimal for original artwork and valuable prints

TruVue Museum Glass

The top choice

  • Blocks 99 of UV Light
  • Less than 1% light reflection
  • Over 97% light trasmition
  • Optimal Clarity for true color
  • Conservation grade

How long will it take?

After your order is received, our manufacturing process usually takes 5 to 7 business days. Once your order is fulfilled, we will ship it immediately and send you a confirmation email with tracking information.


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