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» Finished Size:

» Opening Size(s):

» Top Mat Color:

» Bottom Mat Color:

» Bottom Mat Size: 0.25

» Glass:

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» Frame Width:

» Frame Height:

» Frame Rabbit:

» Frame Lip:

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Overall Ratings

4.7 Excellent

Based on 1 reviews

What Our Customers Say:

Size :   24x32 "   |   Color: Brown    |   Frame Code: TM414-31

Super cheap construction

About the product:

From a foot away this frame looks great. Up close, or if you touch it you can see how poorly constructed it is. The cool finish you see in the picture appears to be sprayed on and even the slightest bump damages the finish. The frame itself is made of super cheap wood; in fact it might just be a dense cardboard product. If by some miracle it is delivered without damage, you're super careful putting your picture in and attaching the hanging wire, and you get it hung on the wall without bumping it, it will be a nice looking product from a foot or more away.



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