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4 Framed Gift Ideas for New Parents

Published Date : 10th May 2022

Memories commemorating the birth of a child are deeply personal and need to be protected from the elements.

Finding the right gifts for new parents or a baby shower is no easy task. Did you know that 40 percent of all family households in the United States have children living in the home? That leaves another 60% of us who are probably clueless about what a new parent really needs for their child! 


Pregnancy and the process of raising a child is a deeply emotional and important part of the human experience. The old adage of “it takes a village to raise a child” speaks to the fact that it takes an entire community to help provide positive interactions for children and help out when needed. This is one of the reasons we gather and give gifts to new expecting parents. What are some creative and unique gift ideas to commemorate a pregnancy for baby showers? Keep reading to find out!


4 Framed Gift Ideas for New Parents

  • Custom Framed Birth Announcement: Many parents proudly send out birth announcements in the mail with details such as a photo, full name, and time of birth when a new child is born. Consider honoring this important memory by having the birth announcement framed as the perfect thoughtful gift for newly expecting parents.


  • Custom Framed Newborn or Maternity Photos: It is said that one of the main purposes of maternity photos is to provide a glimpse into the parents' past life for a child once they grow older. For this reason, another thoughtful gift option is to have newborn or maternity photos framed so they can be properly displayed and remembered for a lifetime.

  • Custom Framed Baby Shower Guest Book Notes: It’s relatively easy and cost-effective to set up a table at a baby shower or birth celebration with stationery and pens for friends and family to write notes and well wishes to the family and future child. This is a golden opportunity to create a thoughtful custom-framed piece to commemorate the important pieces of love and advice.

  • Custom Framed Shadow Box Gift Ideas: A shadow box is an enclosed case with a glass front that is typically made of wood and deep enough to display items that take up more volume than a flat photograph. Most custom framers can assist with bringing shadow box ideas to life! A few framed gift ideas for baby showers that use shadow boxing include:

  • Baby dress or outfit
  • Rattles or other childhood items, shadow boxing a family heirloom can help ensure it lasts for generations to come.
  • Custom family tree shadow box with photos and descriptions)

  • Pressed flowers and mementos from the baby shower party
  • Anything else worth remembering!


Bringing a New Level of Clarity & Protection to Your Most Important Memories


Memories commemorating the birth of a child are deeply personal and need to be protected from the elements. Tru Vue provides the absolute best glass and acrylic options for any situation—whether you’re displaying a photograph or preserving priceless family heirlooms in a shadow box. Learn more about our comprehensive product line where we break down the characteristics of each type of glass for custom framing, as well as their ideal applications.




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