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Holiday Decorating Tips: Influencer Addition

Published Date : 25th Jul 2023

We love getting into the holiday spirit and believe that home decor is one of the best ways to show it. Using your existing picture frame collection we will show you 5 easy ways some of our favorite influencers decorated for the holidays!

1. Small Picture Frames are perfect for your shelves

The elf on the shelf has neighbors this holiday season. Our friend Brooke Lorraine Smith showed us that you can add a touch of rustic to any shelf with our Gold Frame Collection. Make sure to include any small pieces of holiday decor you might have or even hang your stockings alongside your picture frames.

2. Decorate Your Picture Frames

Looking to spruce up your picture frames for the holidays? Adding a garland to your favorite frames is sure to bring cheer to anyone who sees it. This holiday decoration pairs perfectly with our Natural Wood Frame Collection

3. Add a Stairway Gallery Wall To Complement Your Christmas Tree

Adding such a large framing project might seem daunting but with over 200 frame styles available in custom sizes we are sure to have the perfect frames for you!

4. Customize Your Photo Mats To Make Your Decor Light Up

At Art To Frames, we provide you with the ability to customize in a number of ways, including changing the size of your photo mats. Log on to our website via desktop and use the advanced mode on our frames with mats page. This unique design will draw people's eyes to your frames and in turn to your holiday decor. 

4. Place Your Christmas Tree Alongside Your Family Photos

Draw everyone's eyes in with beautifully framed family photos next to your holiday decorations. With our Custom Framing services, you can easily select the size and style you want and upload your favorite family photos for us to print and frame. 


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