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Work From Home Decor Tips and Tricks

Published Date : 20th Jul 2023

With everyone spending some extra time at home these days we decided to reach out to some of our favorite home decor experts to see how they are dealing with quarantine. 


We’re doing our best to maintain a routine around here. We’re going to bed early and get up early in order to accomplish goals and tasks that we’re setting for ourselves. I feel like without some kind of routine or schedule, our minds wander and that’s when depression and anxiety set in. Thankfully, we have four homes that we’re renovating/putting on the market (which is a huge stress in itself) so our days are pretty full working on those. 

I’m attempting to also tackle “refreshers” around our house and change nooks and spaces up a bit since I’m getting sick of looking at the same walls lol. Since we’re trying to list the house we live in for 2-3 weeks, it’s a great time for me to declutter and get rid of things to prepare for a move. 

We’re in a unique life season that provides us with a lot of tasks to take care of, so our days aren’t quite as long as a lot of people’s. 

We’re also trying to maintain the right perspective and be grateful for the health of ourselves and our family members. We have MUCH to be thankful for. 

It’s still hard though and every day is full of all kinds of emotions to sort through. We’re all gonna get through this but it’s definitely a challenging time.


I’m staying pretty busy, albeit at home, now! Luckily I’m in a position that allows me to work from home, so that’s keeping me busy M-F. Other than that, I’ve started doing some morning yoga, rewatching old and new classics on Disney+, and trying to keep my mind stress-free! Lots of hanging out with the cats, reading multiple books, and baking a lot of cookies!! I definitely have been perfecting my chocolate chip recipe. 


We’ve been installing hardware, backsplash in our kitchen, shiplap on our island, beadboard in our powder room, window coverings throughout, painting doors, and decorating of course. Tips on staying positive and motivated: do something every day that brings you joy, keep in touch with friends and loved ones via FaceTime, and give thanks daily - even in times of hardship and adversity, there’s always something to give praise for, big or small. 


Lots of projects out in the yard, even when the weather's not great. We're excited to be hanging out back there this summer, and have some work to do!

Taking walks or going for a walk/run with the stroller when it's not raining. Without commute times, I have more time after work but also I don't have as much time to listen to podcasts, so I like to catch up on podcasts during these easy runs!

Getting to projects around the house that have been on the back burner for a while. Changing out light fixtures for new ones we had ordered a while back, touching up paint, etc. 


Our family has been spending a lot of time outside going for family runs, and workouts. We’ve enjoyed quite-time reading together and we’ve been teaching the older boys all about cooking meals for the whole family!



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