The Memory Grid | Gallery Wall Frame Sets

The Memory Grid

9 Frames | 56" x 46" Gallery Wall


Choose your design: Black

  • Satin Black

  • Weathered Pink

  • Weathered Green

  • Gold Rustic

  • Aqua Rustic

  • Gold Speckeled

  • Satin White

  • Weathered Gray

  • Distressed Blue

  • Gold Foil on Pine

  Ships in 5 working days

Mirror mirror on the wall- what is the most authentic gallery wall of them all? If you’ve been dreaming of a dreamy gallery wall, please allow us to make your dreams come true with The Memory Grid. Powered to perfection, this array of pictures frames will have you frolicking down memory lane every time you pass by.

We’ll make all your frames at our factory in Brooklyn, NY and ship them to you with a life-size hanging guide to make installing your gallery wall easy and fast. This set includes six 8x10, one 12x12 and two 2-4x6 openings collage frames. 


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