The Room Maker | Gallery Wall Frame Sets

The Room Maker

10 Frames | 80" x 52" Gallery Wall


Choose your design: Grey

  • Satin Black

  • Weathered Gray

  • Weathered Pink

  • Distressed Blue

  • Weathered Green

  • Gold Rustic

  • Aqua Rustic

  • Gold Speckeled

  • Satin White

  • Gold Foil on Pine

  Ships in 5 working days

Dress your wall to impress with this magnificent 10 piece frame set. Coordinated for perfection and precision, the Room Maker will lift any room to new heights like a tide that raises all ships. Our customers asked us for a gallery wall that is simple to hang yet impossible to forget.

We’ll make all your frames at our factory in Brooklyn, NY and ship them to you with a life-size hanging guide to make installing your gallery wall easy and fast. This set includes one 18x24 frame, seven 8x10 frames and 2-10x10 openings collage frames.


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