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Bedroom Decor DIY: 15 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Inspire

Published Date : 3rd Mar 2021

Now more than ever you spend most of your time at home and your bedroom should be your safe haven.  Not only a place to rest your head but also a space that you may spend a lot of time decorating.  

Below we have worked with some of our favorite home decor experts to create 15 bedroom decor ideas to help provide you with some inspiration for you to decorate your bedroom.

15 Bedroom Decor Ideas From Our Home Decor Experts

1. Add A Touch Of Rustic

Shop Our Muted Gold Glow Picture Frame

Highlight your favorite rustic art pieces in your bedroom with our Gold Frame Collection. Large Picture Frames provide you with a relaxing focal point in your bedroom.

2. Frame Your Botanical Prints

Shop Our Clear Stain On Maple Picture Frame

Adding a floral or botanical touch to your bedroom is perfect for any plant lover. Recreate this custom mat look by reading our how to create a custom photo mat blog post.

3. Take It To The (L)edge

Shop Our Full Frame Collection

A Picture Frame ledge is a perfect way to hang all your frames without having to hammer a bunch of nails into your bedroom wall. It also acts as a focal point for your bedroom and draws anyone’s eyes to it. 

4. Show Off Your Interests

Shop Our Black Frame Collection

 Framing things like your favorite cat art is a great way to add your personality to your bedroom decor.

5. Create Nightstand Decor

Shop Our Gold Frame Collection 

Keeping things minimalistic is a great way to decorate your bedroom. Add a small frame to each side of your bed to create your own nightstand decor.

6. One Large Piece Completes A Room

Shop Our Gold Foil On Pine Picture Frame

Framing one large picture frame above your bed is one of the easiest ways to decorate your bedroom. Leave between 4-6 inches between the headboard and frame, hang and enjoy the view before getting into bed.

7. Keep It Minimalistic

Shop Our Frames With Mats

Even one small frame above your bed is enough to achieve a creative look. Minimalism means keeping your decor to a minimum, and sometimes less means more.

8. Go For A Gallery Wall

 Print And Frame With Our Custom Framing

A Gallery Wall is the perfect way to fill your walls in your bedroom. Pairs perfectly with bedrooms with lots of space.

9. Share Your Travel Photos

 Shop Our Off White Stain On Solid Wood Picture Frame

Framing your favorite travel photos will allow you to relive your favorite trips anytime you enter your bedroom.  

10. Add a light fixture above your picture frame

 Shop Our Muted Gold Glow Picture Frame

Adding a lighting fixture above your bedroom’s frame adds a modern touch and is a perfect way to really highlight your favorite artwork. 

11. Add Balance With Symmetry 

 Shop Our Satin Black Frame With White Mat

A Grid Gallery Wall is the perfect way to add symmetry to your bedroom decor. Learn how to recreate this custom-matted picture frame look on our blog post here. 

12. Float Your Canvas

 Float Your Canvas Frame Today!

Add a unique touch to your bedroom with a Canvas Wrap with a Floater Frame. This one-of-a-kind look allows you to print your favorite images on canvas and add a rame around it to provide it with a floating aesthetic.

 13. Photo Mats Make Your Bedroom Elegant

Shop Our Single Mat Photo Frames 

Adding a photo mat to your frame adds a touch of elegance while also protecting your artwork. Pairs perfectly with your favorite art prints. 

14. White Frames Never Go Out Of Style

Shop Our White Frame Collection

With one of the largest online collections of White Picture Frames, you can’t go wrong with any framing choice. Goes well in your children’s room to complete their bedroom decor.

15. Twice As Nice

Shop Our Satin White Picture Frame

Placing two large frames next to each other above your bed is the perfect way to fill space while also adding an artistic twist to your favorite art or photo.

You can’t go wrong with these bedroom decor ideas and are sure to impress your friends and family with your sense of style. Already have the ultimate Art To Frames bedroom decor? Make sure to tag us on Instagram at @arttoframes.



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